ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 68 /1- 3


Array of thick film sensors for atmospheric pollutant monitoring,
M.C. Carotta, G. Martinelli, L. Crema, M. Gallana, M. Merli, G.Ghiotti, E. Traversa, pp.1-8

Gas Sensors Arrays ('Electronic Noses'): a study about the speed/accuracy ratio,
P. Mielle, F. Marquis, pp. 9-16

A theory for semiconductor nanostructure reactivity to gas environment,
D. Ninno, G. Iadonisi, F. Buonocore, G. Cantele, G. Di Francia, pp.17-21

Gas-sensitive p-GaAs field effect device with catalytic gate,
J. Wollenstein, F. Ihlenfeld, M. Jaegle, G. Kuhner, H. Bottner, W.J. Becker, pp.22-26

A model of optical immunosensor for hemoproteins based on Langmuir-Blodgett films of FITC-labelled immunoglobulin G, G.I. Lepesheva, T.N. Azeva, V.N. Knyukshto, V.L. Chashchin, S.A.Usanov, pp.27-33

A new magnetic bead-based, filterless bio-separator with planar electromagnet surfaces for integrated bio-detection systems, J.-W. Choi, C.H. Ahn, S. Bhansali, H.T. Henderson, pp.34-39

Optical immune sensors for the monitoring protein substances in the air,
V.M. Starodub, L.L. Fedorenko, N.F. Starodub, pp.40-47

Structure and gas-sensitive properties of WO"3-Bi"2O"3 mixed thick films,
A.A. Tomchenko, pp.48-52

Optimised sensor arrays with chromatographic preseparation: characterisation of alcoholic beverages
I. Heberle, A. Liebminger, U. Weimar, W. Gopel, pp. 53-57

Multilevel pattern recognition architectures for localization of mixed chemical/auditory stimuli,
K.H. Chong, D.M. Wilson, pp.58-68

Sensitive NO"2 detection with surface acoustic wave devices using a cyclic measuring technique,
C. Muller, T. Nirmaier, A. Rugemer, M.V. Schickfus, pp.69-73.

Gold-catalysed porous silicon for NO"x sensing, C. Baratto, G. Sberveglieri, E. Comini, G. Faglia, G. Benussi, V. La Ferrara, L. Quercia, G. Di Francia, V.Guidi, D. Vincenzi, D.Boscarino, V. Rigato, pp.74-80

Multisensor array of mass microbalances for chemical detection based on resonant piezo-layers of screen-printed PZT, V. Ferrari, D. Marioli, A. Taroni, E. Ranucci, pp. 81-87

Microwave sensors: a new sensing principle. Application to humidity detection,
C. Bernou, D. Rebiere, J. Pistre, pp.88-93

Influence on the gas sensor performances of the metal chemical states introduced by impregnation of calcinated SnO"2 sol-gel nanocrystals, A. Dieguez, A. Vila, A. Cabot, A. Romano-Rodrguez, J.R. Morante, J.Kappler, N. Barsan, U. Weimar, W.Gopel, pp. 94-99

A DNA diagnostic biosensor: development, characterisation and performance,
H. Berney, J. West, E. Haefele, J. Alderman, W. Lane, J.K. Collins, pp.100-108

Investigation into immobilisation of lactate oxidase to improve stability,
B. Lillis, C. Grogan, H. Berney, W.A. Lane, pp.109-114

Gradient gas sensor microarrays for on-line process control - a new dynamic classification model for fast and reliable air quality assessment, R. Menzel, J. Goschnick, pp.115-122

An amperometric silicon-based biosensor for d-lactate,
H. Tap, P. Gros, A.M. Gue, pp.123-127

Optimization of passivation layers for corrosion protection of silicon-based microelectrode arrays,
F. Faszbender, G. Schmitt, M.J. Schoning, H. Luth, G. Busz, J.-W. Schultze, pp.128-133

Low frequency noise and drift in Ion Sensitive Field Effect Transistors,
C.G. Jakobson, M. Feinsod, Y. Nemirovsky, pp.134-139

Structural characterization of Nb-TiO"2 nanosized thick-films for gas sensing application,
M. Ferroni, M.C. Carotta, V. Guidi, G. Martinelli, F. Ronconi, O.Richard, D. Van Dyck, J. Van Landuyt, pp. 140-145

Optimization of physical filtering for selective high temperature H"2 sensors, 
T. Weh, M. Fleischer, H. Meixner, pp.146-150

In situ infrared emission spectroscopic study of the adsorption of H"2O and hydrogen-containing gases on Ga"2O"3 gas sensors, R. Pohle, M. Fleischer, H. Meixner, pp.151-156

A new type of gas sensor based on thermionic charge carrier emission,
T. Schwebel, J. Frank, M. Fleischer, H. Meixner, C.-D. Kohl, pp.157-161

Acoustic gas sensors using airborne sound properties,
L. Zipser, F. Wachter, H. Franke, pp.162-167

Carbon monoxide response of molybdenum oxide thin films deposited by different techniques,
E. Comini, G. Faglia, G. Sberveglieri, C. Cantalini, M.Passacantando, S. Santucci, Y. Li, W. Wlodarski, W. Qu, pp.168-174

NO"2 monitoring with a novel p-type material: TiO,
E. Comini, G. Sberveglieri, M. Ferroni, V. Guidi, G. Martinelli, pp.175-183

TiO"x-modified NiO thin films for H"2 gas sensors: effects of TiO"x-overlayer sputtering parameters,
C. Imawan, F. Solzbacher, H. Steffes, E. Obermeier, pp.184-188

TiO"2 thin films by a novel sol-gel processing for gas sensor applications,
C. Garzella, E. Comini, E. Tempesti, C. Frigeri, G. Sberveglieri, pp.189-196

Investigation of the reaction mechanisms in work function type sensors at room temperature by studies of the cross-sensitivity to oxygen and water: the carbonate-carbon dioxide system, B. Ostrick, M. Fleischer, H. Meixner, C.-D. Kohl, pp.197-202

Gas sensing measurements and analysis of the optical properties of poly[3-(butylthio)thiophene  Langmuir-Blodgett films, R. Rella, P. Siciliano, F. Quaranta, T. Primo, L. Valli, L.Schenetti, A. Mucci, D. Iarossi, pp.203-209

A novel surface-micromachined capacitive porous silicon humidity sensor,
Z.M. Rittersma, A. Splinter, A. Bodecker, W. Benecke, pp.210-217

Quantification of CO"2, SO"2, NH"3, and H"2S with a single coated piezoelectric quartz crystal,
M.T.S.R. Gomes, P.S.T. Nogueira, J.A.B.P. Oliveira, pp.218-222

Design and fabrication of high-temperature micro-hotplates for drop-coated gas sensors,
D. Briand, A. Krauss, B. van der Schoot, U. Weimar, N. Barsan, W.Gopel, N.F. de Rooij, pp.223-233

TiN in work function type sensors: a stable ammonia sensitive material for room temperature operation with low humidity cross sensitivity, B. Ostrick, R. Pohle, M. Fleischer, H. Meixner, pp.234-239

Examination of the CO/Pt/Cu layer structure with Kelvin probe and XPS analysis,
G. Kiss, E.B. Varhegyi, J. Mizsei, O.H. Krafcsik, K. Kovacs, G.Negyesi, B. Ostrick, H. Meixner, F. Reti, pp. 240-243

Mass sensitivity of SH-APM sensors: potentialities for organophosphorous vapors detection,
I. Esteban, C. Dejous, D. Rebiere, J. Pistre, R. Planade, J.F.Lipskier, pp.244-248

Fabrication parameters and NO"2 sensitivity of reactively RF-sputtered In"2O"3 thin films,
H. Steffes, C. Imawan, F. Solzbacher, E. Obermeier, pp.249-253

Thin film sensors on the basis of chalcogenide glass materials prepared by pulsed laser deposition technique,
M.J. Schoning, C. Schmidt, J. Schubert, W. Zander, S. Mesters, P.Kordos, H. Luth, A. Legin, B. Seleznev, Y.G. Vlasov, pp.254-259

Cross-sensitivity of a capacitive penicillin sensor combined with a diffusion barrier,
A. Poghossian, M. Thust, M.J. Schoning, M. Muller-Veggian, P. Kordos,H. Luth, pp.260-265

Characterization of the field-effect addressable potentiometric sensor (FAPS),
S. Bohm, W.J. Parak, M. George, H.E. Gaub, A. Lorke, pp.266-273

Doping of a nanostructured titania thick film: structural and electrical investigations,
N. Bonini, M.C. Carotta, A. Chiorino, V. Guidi, C. Malagu, G.Martinelli, L. Paglialonga, M. Sacerdoti, pp. 274-280

An advanced micromachined fermentation monitoring device,
T. Kalinowski, Z.M. Rittersma, W. Benecke, J. Binder, pp.281-285

Synthesis of new compound semiconductors in the Sn-W-O system for gas-sensing studies,
J.L. Solis, V. Lantto, L. Haggstrom, B. Kalska, J. Frantti, S. Saukko, pp.286-292

A new process for fabricating CO"2-sensing layers based on BaTiO"3 and additives,
M.-S. Lee, J.-U. Meyer, pp.293-299

Relative humidity sensing by PVA-coated dual resonator SAW oscillator,
M. Penza, G. Cassano, pp.300-306

Modeling the pH response of silicon nitride ISFET devices,
R. Kuhnhold, H. Ryssel, pp.307-312

Uranyl salophenes as ionophores for phosphate-selective electrodes,
W. Wroblewski, K. Wojciechowski, A. Dybko, Z. Brzozka, R.J.M.Egberink, B.H.M. Snellink-Ruel, D.N. Reinhoudt, pp.313-318

Qualitative structure-sensitivity relationship in porphyrins based QMB chemical sensors,
C. Di Natale, R. Paolesse, A. Macagnano, A. Mantini, P. Mari, A.D'Amico, pp.319-323

Portraits of gasses and liquids by arrays of nonspecific chemical sensors: trends and perspectives,
A. D'Amico, C. Di Natale, R. Paolesse, pp.324-330

Reproducible fabrication of an array of gas-sensitive chemo-resistors with commercially available polyaniline,
M.G.H. Meijerink, D.J. Strike, N.F. de Rooij, M. Koudelka-Hep, pp.331-334

Specific set of the time constants for characterisation of organic volatile compounds in the output of metal oxide sensors, A. Galdikas, A. Mironas, D. Senuliene, A. Setkus, pp.335-343

The features of thin film and ceramic sensors at the detection of CO and NO"2,
M. Ivanovskaya, P. Bogdanov, G. Faglia, G. Sberveglieri, pp. 344-350

A new tool for superoxide and nitric oxide radicals determination using suitable enzymatic sensors,
L. Campanella, L. Persi, M. Tomassetti, pp.351-359

Nanoscaled interdigitated titanium electrodes for impedimetric biosensing,
W. Laureyn, D. Nelis, P. Van Gerwen, K. Baert, L. Hermans, R. Magnee, J.-J. Pireaux, G. Maes, pp.360-370



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