ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 69 /1- 2


Development of Modular Ozone Sensor System for application in practical use,
D. Sauter, U. Weimar, G. Noetzel, J. Mitrovics, W. Gopel, pp.1-9

Sensing functions to NO and O"2 of Nb"2O"5- or Ta"2O"5-loaded TiO"2 and ZnO,
M. Kudo, T. Kosaka, Y. Takahashi, H. Kokusen, N. Sotani, S. Hasegawa, pp.10-15

High sensitivity chlorine gas sensors using multicomponent transparent conducting oxide thin films,
T. Miyata, T. Hikosaka, T. Minami, pp.16-21

Characterization and gas-sensing properties of nanocrystalline iron(III) oxide films prepared by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis on silicon, S. Wang, W. Wang, W. Wang, Z. Jiao, J. Liu, Y. Qian, pp.22-27

Development of an integrated single-fiber SERS sensor,
D.L. Stokes, T. Vo-Dinh, pp.28-36

Application of radiometric temperature determination methods to semiconductor gas sensors,
A.P. Lee, B.J. Reedy, pp.37-45

CO"2 sensor based on a solid state oxygen concentration cell,
H. Nafe, F. Aldinger, pp.46-50

Gold island fiber optic sensor for refractive index sensing,
F. Meriaudeau, A. Wig, A. Passian, T. Downey, M. Buncick, T.L. Ferrell, pp.51-57

Odor-sensing system using preconcentrator with variable temperature,
T. Nakamoto, Y. Isaka, T. Ishige, T. Moriizumi, pp.58-62

Grating-coupled multimode fiber optics for filtering and chemical-sensing applications,
B. Sutapun, M. Tabib-Azar, pp.63-69

Chemiluminescence flow biosensor for determination of total d-amino acid in serum with immobilized reagents, 
B. Li, Z. Zhang, pp.70-74

Surface acoustic wave microsensors based on cyclodextrin coatings,
D. Li, M. Ma, pp.75-84

Planar optical waveguides for sensing applications,
C.R. Lavers, K. Itoh, S.C. Wu, M. Murabayashi, I. Mauchline, G.Stewart, T. Stout, pp.85-95

Novel electrochromic devices (ECD) of tungsten oxide (WO"3) thin film integrated with amorphous silicon germanium photodetector for hydrogen sensor, K.H. Lee, Y.K. Fang, W.J. Lee, J.J. Ho, K.H. Chen, K.C. Liao, pp.96-99

Detection and differentiation of C"4 hydrocarbon isomers over the Pd-SnO"2 compressed powder sensor,
C. Bulpitt, S.C. Tsang, pp.100-107

Air pollution monitoring using tin-oxide-based microreactor systems, 
T. Becker, S. Muhlberger, C.B.-v. Braunmuhl, G. Muller, T. Ziemann, K.V. Hechtenberg, pp.108-119

Electrical and CO gas sensing properties of layered ZnO-CuO sensor,
J.D. Choi, G.M. Choi, pp.120-126

Optical fiber humidity sensor based on a tapered fiber coated with agarose gel,
C. Bariain, I.R. Matas, F.J. Arregui, M. Lopez-Amo, pp.127-131

Development of sol-gel-based fiber optic nitrogen dioxide gas sensors,
S.A. Grant, J.H. Satcher, K. Bettencourt, pp.132-137

High temperature humidity monitoring using doped strontium cerate sensors,
M.A. Hassen, A.G. Clarke, M.A. Swetnam, R.V. Kumar, D.J. Fray, pp.138-143

Effect of particle size and dopant on properties of SnO"2-based gas sensors,
G. Zhang, M. Liu, pp.144-152

Configurations used in the design of screen-printed enzymatic biosensors. A review,
M. Albareda-Sirvent, A. Merkoci, S. Alegret, pp.153-163

The influence of different methods of disinfection on the function of electrochemical sensors,
S. Herrmann, W. Oelszner, H. Kaden, M. Brischwein, B. Wolf, pp.164-170

CO/HC sensors based on thin films of LaCoO"3 and La"0"."8Sr"0"."2CoO"3"-"@d metal oxides
E.L. Brosha, R. Mukundan, D.R. Brown, F.H. Garzon, J.H. Visser, M.Zanini, Z. Zhou, E.M. Logothetis, pp. 171-182

Optical pH, oxygen and carbon dioxide monitoring using a microdialysis approach,
C.G. Cooney, B.C. Towe, C.R. Eyster, pp.183-188

Electrochemical detection of sulphide: a novel dual flow cell,
N.S. Lawrence, J. Davis, F. Marken, L. Jiang, T.G.J. Jones, S.N.Davies, R.G. Compton, pp.189-192

Integration of porous silicon chips in an electronic artificial nose,
S.E. Letant, S. Content, T.T. Tan, F. Zenhausern, M.J. Sailor, pp.193-198

An amperometric solid-state NO"2 sensor with a solid polymer electrolyte and a reticulated vitreous carbon indicator electrode, P. Hrncrova, F. Opekar, K. Stulik, pp.199-204

Selective gas detection with high-temperature operated metal oxides using catalytic filters,
M. Fleischer, S. Kornely, T. Weh, J. Frank, H. Meixner, pp.205-210



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