ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 70 /1-3


In Memory of Professor Wolfgang Gopel,
G. Gauglitz, C. Ziegler, pp. 1

Application-specific sensor systems based on CMOS chemical microsensors,
A. Hierlemann, D. Lange, C. Hagleitner, N. Kerness, A. Koll, O.Brand, H. Baltes, pp. 2-11

Detection of sulphamethazine with an optical biosensor and anti-idiotypic antibodies,
A. Akkoyun, V.F. Kohen, U. Bilitewski, pp.12-18

An electronic nose system to diagnose illness,
J.W. Gardner, H.W. Shin, E.L. Hines, pp.19-24

A novel thick film sensor for simultaneous O"2 and NO monitoring in exhaust gases,
P. Schmidt-Zhang, K.-P. Sandow, F. Adolf, W. Gopel, U. Guth, pp.25-29

The quartz crystal microbalance: mass sensitivity, viscoelasticity and acoustic amplification,
R. Lucklum, P. Hauptmann, pp.30-36

Monolithic sensor array based on a quartz microbalance transducer with enhanced sensitivity for monitoring agricultural emissions, P. Boeker, G. Horner, S. Rosler, pp.37-42

Systematic studies on responses of metal-oxide sensor surfaces to straight chain alkanes, alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, acids and esters using the SOMMSA approach, D. Kohl, L. Heinert, J. Bock, T. Hofmann, P. Schieberle, pp.43-50

Microfabrication of Pt-tip microelectrodes,
P. Thiebaud, C. Beuret, N.F. de Rooij, M. Koudelka-Hep, pp.51-56

Calorimetric detection of volatile organic compounds,
J. Lerchner, D. Caspary, G. Wolf, pp.57-66

High temperature catalytic metal field effect transistors for industrial applications,
A. Lloyd Spetz, P. Tobias, L. Uneus, H. Svenningstorp, L.-G. Ekedahl, I. Lundstrom,  pp.67-76

Chemical images,
M. Lofdahl, M. Eriksson, I. Lundstrom, pp.77-82

Metal silicides as a novel electrode material in electrochemical sensors, 
T.G.I. Ling, L. Montelius, pp.83-86

Analysis of the noble metal catalytic additives introduced by impregnation of as obtained SnO"2 sol-gel nanocrystals for gas sensors, A. Cabot, J. Arbiol, J.R. Morante, U. Weimar, N. Barsan, W. Gopel, pp.87-100

Extended gate electrode arrays for extracellular signal recordings, 
M. Krause, S. Ingebrandt, D. Richter, M. Denyer, M. Scholl, C. Sprossler, A. Offenhausser, pp.101-107

Ti-W-O sputtered thin film as n- or p-type gas sensors,
E. Comini, G. Sberveglieri, V. Guidi, pp.108-114

Superoxide sensor based on hemin modified electrode,
J. Chen, U. Wollenberger, F. Lisdat, B. Ge, F.W. Scheller, pp.115-120

Setup of a fiber optical oxygen multisensor-system and its applications in biotechnology,
O. Kohls, T. Scheper, pp.121-130

Nanoparticles and polarons: active centers in thin film sensor devices,
D. Schmeiszer, G. Appel, O. Bohme, T. Heller, R.P. Mikalo, P.Hoffmann, D. Batchelor, pp.131-138

Detection of 4-chlorobenzoate using immobilized recombinant Escherichia coli reporter strains,
S. Kohler, T.T. Bachmann, J. Schmitt, S. Belkin, R.D. Schmid, pp.139-144

Modulation of the diffusion coefficient of a hapten-modified redox species as a basis for an amplified electrochemical affinity assay, M. Mosbach, W. Schuhmann, pp.145-152

Preparation, characterisation and applications of thin films for gas sensors prepared by cheap chemical method, 

P. Siciliano, pp.153-164

A highly sensitive NO"2-selective optode membrane,
T. Nezel, A. Fakler, G. Zhylyak, G.J. Mohr, U.E. Spichiger-Keller, pp.165-169

Detection and discrimination of coliform bacteria with gas sensor arrays,
C.M. McEntegart, W.R. Penrose, S. Strathmann, J.R. Stetter, pp.170-176

The comparative XPS and PYS studies of SnO"2 thin films prepared by L-CVD technique and exposed to oxygen and hydrogen, J. Szuber, G. Czempik, R. Larciprete, B. Adamowicz, pp.177-181

Amperometric biosensor for formic acid in air, K.J.M. Sandstrom, J. Newman, A.-L. Sunesson, J.-O. Levin, A.P.F. Turner, pp.182-187

A new dynamic hydrogen reference electrode for applications in thin-film sensor systems,
T. Nann, G.A. Urban, pp.188-195

Material properties and the influence of metallic catalysts at the surface of highly dense SnO"2 films,
J. Wollenstein, H. Bottner, M. Jaegle, W.J. Becker, E. Wagner, pp. 196-202

Validation of an industrial analytical sensor procedure realized with a SAW-based sensor system,
T. Wessa, S. Kuppers, M. Rapp, J. Reibel, pp. 203-213

Microstructure effects on the response of gas-sensitive resistors based on semiconducting oxides,
D.E. Williams, K.F.E. Pratt, pp.214-221

Enzyme monolayer-functionalized field-effect transistors for biosensor applications,
A.B. Kharitonov, M. Zayats, A. Lichtenstein, E. Katz, I. Willner, pp. 222-231

Immobilization of antibodies in micropatterns for cell detection by optical diffraction,
F. Morhard, J. Pipper, R. Dahint, M. Grunze, pp.232-242

Monofunctionalized b-cyclodextrins as sensor elements for the detection of small molecules,
A. Janshoff, C. Steinem, A. Michalke, C. Henke, H.-J. Galla, pp.243-253

Chemical sensing materials characterization by Kelvin probe technique,
A. D'Amico, C. Di Natale, R. Paolesse, A. Mantini, C. Goletti, F.Davide, G. Filosofi, pp.254-262

Solvatochromic betaine dyes as optochemical sensor materials: detection of polar and non-polar vapors,
F.L. Dickert, U. Geiger, P. Lieberzeit, U. Reutner, pp.263-269




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