ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 71 /1-2


A rapid micro-polymerase chain reaction system for hepatitis C virus amplification,
Y.-C. Lin, M.-Y. Huang, K.-C. Young, T.-T. Chang, C.-Y. Wu, pp.2-8

Metal colloids as sensor-active materials for the detection of volatile compounds and solvents,
M. Schlupp, C. Heil, A. Koch, J. Muller-Albrecht, U. Schramm, J.Bargon, pp.9-12

A new thin-film Pb microsensor based on chalcogenide glasses,
Y. Mourzina, M.J. Schoning, J. Schubert, W. Zander, A.V. Legin, Y.G.Vlasov, P. Kordos, H. Luth, pp.13-18

A novel technique for on-line measurement of scaling using a multimode optical fibre sensor for industrial applications,
R. Philip-Chandy, P.J. Scully, D. Thomas, pp.19-236

The response of tin acetylacetonate and tin dioxide-based gas sensors to hydrogen and alcohol vapours,
M. Vrnata, V. Myslk, F. Vyslouzil, M. Jelnek, J. Lancok, J. Zemek, pp.24-30

Theoretical analysis of a quasi-distributed optical sensor system using FMCW for application to trace gas measurement,
M. Zavrsnik, G. Stewart, pp.31-35

Chemical reactions in the detection of acetone and NO by a CeO"2 thin film,
R. Bene, I.V. Perczel, F. Reti, F.A. Meyer, M. Fleisher, H. Meixner, pp.36-41

A multilayer grating-based evanescent wave sensing technique,
W.A. Challener, J.D. Edwards, R.W. McGowan, J. Skorjanec, Z. Yang, pp.42-46

Monitoring of biofilm growth with thickness-shear mode quartz resonators in different flow and nutrition conditions,
H. Helle, P. Vuoriranta, H. Valimaki, J. Lekkala, V. Aaltonen, pp.47-54

Extracting information from noise spectra of chemical sensors: single sensor electronic noses and tongues
L.B. Kish, R. Vajtai, C.G. Granqvist, pp.55-59

Utilization of surface tension and wettability in the design and operation of microsensors,
P.G. Wapner, W.P. Hoffman, pp.60-67

Study on separative structure of EnFET to detect acetylcholine,
L.-L. Chi, L.-T. Yin, J.-C. Chou, W.-Y. Chung, T.-P. Sun, K.-P. Hsiung, S.-K. Hsiung, pp. 68-72

Simulation of Ta"2O"5-gate ISFET temperature characteristics,
J.C. Chou, Y.S. Li, J.L. Chiang, pp. 73-76

Gas sensitivity of composite Langmuir-Blodgett films of Fe"2O"3 nanoparticle-copper phthalocyanine,
L.H. Huo, X.L. Li, W. Li, S.Q. Xi, pp.77-81

Fabrication and electrochemical properties of an interdigitated array electrode in a microfabricated wall-jet cell,
R. Kurita, H. Tabei, Z. Liu, T. Horiuchi, O. Niwa, pp. 82-89

Explosive gas recognition system using thick film sensor array and neural network,
D.-S. Lee, H.-Y. Jung, J.-W. Lim, M. Lee, S.-W. Ban, J.-S. Huh, D.-D. Lee, pp.90-98

A PEG piezoelectric immunoassay for the determination of transferrin in human serum,
Z.-Y. Wu, G.-L. Shen, L.-J. Xie, R.-Q. Yu, pp.99-105

Separate structure extended gate H^+-ion sensitive field effect transistor on a glass substrate,
L.-T. Yin, J.-C. Chou, W.-Y. Chung, T.-P. Sun, S.-K. Hsiung, pp.106-111

A remote query magnetoelastic pH sensor,
Q.Y. Cai, C.A. Grimes, pp.112-117

An improved optical pH sensor based on polyaniline,
Z. Jin, Y. Su, Y. Duan, pp.118-122

Composition and structure of tin/vanadium oxide surfaces for chemical sensing applications,
A. Lavacchi, B. Cortigiani, G. Rovida, U. Bardi, A. Atrei, R.Angelucci, L. Dori, S. Nicoletti, A. Poggi, pp.123-126

Simulation and experimental validation of micro polymerase chain reaction chips,
Y.-C. Lin, C.-C. Yang, M.-Y. Huang, pp.127-133

Reactivity of SnO"2-CuO nanocrystalline materials with H"2S: a coupled electrical and Raman spectroscopic study, 
T. Pagnier, M. Boulova, A. Galerie, A. Gaskov, G. Lucazeau, pp.134-139

Determination of calcium by a single-use optical sensor, 

L.F. Capitan-Vallvey, P. Alvarez de Cienfuegos-Galvez, M.D. Fernandez Ramos, R. Avidad-Castaneda, pp.140-146

Chemometric analysis of square wave voltammograms for classification and quantitation of untreated beverage samples, S.K. Schreyer, S.R. Mikkelsen, pp.147-153



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