ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 72 / 1


Investigations of prussian blue films using surface plasmon resonance,
C.B. Brennan, L. Sun, S.G. Weber, pp.1-10

Simultaneous determination of oxygen transport characteristics of six membranes by hexagonal dissolved oxygen sensor system,
T.-J. Kim, T.-H. Jurng, U.-H. Chung, S.-I. Hong, pp.11-20

Correlations of the impedance parameters and conductivity and permittivity of liquid and gel phases in a series piezoelectric quartz crystal sensor,
M. Huang, D. Shen, L.M. Chow, M. Yang, pp.21-27

Milk-sense: a volatile sensing system recognises spoilage bacteria and yeasts in milk,
N. Magan, A. Pavlou, I. Chrysanthakis, pp. 28-34

A new type of amperometric oxygen sensor based on a mixed-conducting composite membrane,
Z. Peng, M. Liu, E. Balko, pp.35-40

Comparison of odor detection thresholds and odor discriminablities of a conducting polymer composite electronic nose versus mammalian olfaction,
B.J. Doleman, N.S. Lewis, pp.41-50

Fluorescence detection of nitrogen dioxide with perylene/PMMA thin films,
D.Y. Sasaki, S. Singh, J.D. Cox, P.I. Pohl, pp.51-55

Acrylated polyurethane - photopolymeric membrane for amperometric glucose biosensor construction,
C. Puig-Lleixa, C. Jimenez, J. Bartrol, pp.56-62

Hydrogen peroxide sensitive biosensor based on plant peroxidases entrapped in Os-modified polypyrrole films,
S. Gaspar, K. Habermuller, E. Csoregi, W. Schuhmann, pp.63-68

Sensing applications of a low-coherence fibre-optic interferometer measuring the refractive index of air,
S. Mc Murtry, J.D. Wright, D.A. Jackson, pp.69-74

Development of a polyaniline-based optical ammonia sensor,
Z. Jin, Y. Su, Y. Duan, pp.75-79

Bi-enzymatic amperometric biosensor for oxalate,
E.F. Perez, G. de Oliveira Neto, L.T. Kubota, pp.80-85

Detection and titration of ozone using metallophthalocyanine based field effect transistors,
M. Bouvet, A. Leroy, J. Simon, F. Tournilhac, G. Guillaud, P.Lessnick, A. Maillard, S. Spirkovitch, M. Debliquy, A. de Haan, A.Decroly, pp.86-93

Permeability of PTFE studied with a potentiometric SO"2-sensitive sensor,
I. Tarsiche, D. Ciurchea, pp.94-98



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