ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 72 / 2


Amperometric nitrogen dioxide gas sensor: preparation of PAn/Au/SPE and sensing behaviour,
J.-S. Do, W.-B. Chang, pp.101-107

Hydrogen sensitive negative switching behavior in metal-oxide-semiconductor devices,
S. Nakagomi, K. Muto, M. Itoh, pp.108-114

Chemiluminescence flow biosensor for hydrogen peroxide with immobilized reagents,
B. Li, Z. Zhang, Y. Jin, pp.115-119

Micromachined polymer-based chemical gas sensor array
F. Zee, J.W. Judy, pp.120-128

Development and characterization of an ELISA assay in PDMS microfluidic channels,
E. Eteshola, D. Leckband, pp.129-133

An integrated CMOS microluminometer for low-level luminescence sensing in the bioluminescent bioreporter integrated circuit,
M.L. Simpson, G.S. Sayler, G. Patterson, D.E. Nivens, E.K. Bolton, J.M. Rochelle, J.C. Arnott, B.M. Applegate, S. Ripp, M.A. Guillorn, pp.134-140

Current-voltage characteristics and selective CO detection of Zn2SnO4 and ZnO/Zn2SnO4, SnO2/Zn2SnO4 layered-type sensors, 
J.H. Yu, G.M. Choi, pp.141-148

Assessing the ability to predict human percepts of odor quality from the detector responses of a conducting polymer composite-based electronic nose,
M.C. Burl, B.J. Doleman, A. Schaffer, N.S. Lewis, pp.149-159

Sensitive, selective and stable tin dioxide thin-films for carbon monoxide and hydrogen sensing in integrated gas sensor array applications,
R.K. Sharma, P.C.H. Chan, Z. Tang, G. Yan, I.-M. Hsing, J.K.O. Sin, pp.160-166

Studies on the early detection of wastewater's toxicity using a microbial sensing system,
J.-D. Liao, S.-H. Wang, D.-J. Hsu, pp.167-173

In vitro and in vivo measurements of fiber optic and electrochemical sensors to monitor brain tissue pH,
S.A. Grant, K. Bettencourt, P. Krulevitch, J. Hamilton, R. Glass, pp.174-179

A study of the SnO2.Nb2O5 system for an ethanol vapour sensor: a correlation between microstructure and sensor performance,
I.T. Weber, R. Andrade, E.R. Leite, E. Longo, pp.180-183

A new method for the rapid determination of volatile substances: the SPME-direct method - Part I: Apparatus and working conditions,
A. Bene, A. Fornage, J.-L. Luisier, P. Pichler, J.-C. Villettaz, pp.184-187

Halide sensing using the SPQ molecule,
C.D. Geddes, pp.188-195



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