ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 72 / 3


Failure prediction for a galvanic oxygen sensor,
P.R. Warburton, R.S. Sawtelle, A. Watson, A.Q. Wang, pp. 197-203

A new method for the rapid determination of volatile substances: the SPME-direct method - Part II. Determination of the freshness of fish,
A. Bene, A. Hayman, E. Reynard, J.L. Luisier, J.C. Villettaz, pp. 204-207

Ellipsometry measurements and impedance spectroscopy on Langmuir-Blodgett membranes on Si/SiO2 for ion sensitive sensor,
F. Abdelmalek, M. Shadaram, H. Boushriha, pp.208-213

Rapid detection of Salmonella typhimurium using immunomagnetic separation and immuno-optical sensing method,
Y. Liu, Y. Che, Y. Li, pp. 214-218

Plastic pethidine hydrochloride membrane sensor and its pharmaceutical applications,
Z.H. Liu, M.L. Wen, Y. Yao, J. Xiong, pp.219-223

An ormosil-based peroxide biosensor - a comparative study on direct electron transport from horseradish peroxidase, 
P.C. Pandey, S. Upadhyay, I. Tiwari, V.S. Tripathi, pp. 224-232

Detection of pH variation using modified microcantilever sensors,
H.-F. Ji, K.M. Hansen, Z. Hu, T. Thundat, pp.233-238

Titanium dioxide based high temperature carbon monoxide selective sensor,
N.O. Savage, S.A. Akbar, P.K. Dutta, pp.239-248

A new PMMA-microchip device for isotachophoresis with integrated conductivity detector,
B. Grasz, A. Neyer, M. Johnck, D. Siepe, F. Eisenbeisz, G. Weber, R. Hergenroder, pp. 249-258

A valve-less diffuser micropump for microfluidic analytical systems,
H. Andersson, W. van der Wijngaart, P. Nilsson, P. Enoksson, G.Stemme, pp. 259-265

Partial electroosmotic pumping in complex capillary systems - Part 1: Principles and general theoretical approach,
W.E. Morf, O.T. Guenat, N.F. de Rooij, pp. 266-272

Partial electroosmotic pumping in complex capillary systems - Part 2: Fabrication and application of a micro total analysis system (@mTAS) suited for continuous volumetric nanotitrations,
O.T. Guenat, D. Ghiglione, W.E. Morf, N.F. de Rooij, pp.273-282



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