ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 73 / 2-3


Humidity sensing properties of Li-iron oxide based thin films,
G. Neri, A. Bonavita, S. Galvagno, C. Pace, S. Patane, A. Arena, pp.89-94

In-line fiber-optic sensors based on the excitation of surface plasma modes in metal-coated tapered fibers
A. Dez, M.V. Andres, J.L. Cruz, pp.95-99

Physical mechanism of reflectance inversion in hydrogen gas sensor with Pd/PVDF structures,
C. Wang, A. Mandelis, K.P. Au-Ieong, pp.100-105

Road tests of oil condition sensor and sensing technique,
S.S. Wang, pp.106-111

Design, fabrication and vapor characterization of a microfabricated flexural plate resonator sensor and application to integrated sensor arrays,
B. Cunningham, M. Weinberg, J. Pepper, C. Clapp, R. Bousquet, B.Hugh, R. Kant, C. Daly, E. Hauser, pp. 112-123

Humidity sensor using epoxy resin containing quaternary ammonium salts,
C.-W. Lee, H.-W. Rhee, M.-S. Gong, pp.124-129

A solid electrolyte hydrogen sensor with an electrochemically-supplied hydrogen standard,
K. Katahira, H. Matsumoto, H. Iwahara, K. Koide, T. Iwamoto, pp.130-134

Characterization of phosphorescence oxygen sensor based on erythrosin B in sol-gel silica in wide pressure and temperature ranges, 
S.K. Lam, M.A. Chan, D. Lo, pp.135-141

Oxygen sensor monitoring a deterioration of a three-way catalyst in natural gas fueled engines,
K. Moriya, T. Sako, pp.142-151

A novel design of multi-light LAPS based on digital compensation of frequency domain,
Z. Qintao, W. Ping, W.J. Parak, M. George, G. Zhang, pp.152-156

Double-cell carbon dioxide sensor based on LiK molten carbonate with electrochemically-supplied CO2-O2 reference, 
H. Matsumoto, M. Kuribayashi, K. Katahira, H. Iwahara, pp.157-162

Design considerations for optimizing the sensitivity of catalytic calorimetric gas sensors: modeling and experimental results, 
J.R. McBride, K.E. Nietering, K.R. Ellwood, pp.163-173

Response of iodine-nylon 6 complex to humidity - 3. Discussion based on increase in mass,
A. Kawaguchi, pp.174-178

A new assay system for phenacetin using biomimic bulk acoustic wave sensor with a molecularly imprinted polymer coating, 
Y. Tan, H. Peng, C. Liang, S. Yao, pp.179-184

Humidity sensor using cross-linked copolymers containing viologen moiety,
M.-S. Gong, M.-H. Lee, H.-W. Rhee, pp.185-191

Study of different hormone-sensitive lipase concentrations using a surface plasmon resonance sensor,
F. Meriaudeau, T.L. Ferrell, E.T. Arakawa, A. Wig, A. Passian, T.Thundat, W.-J. Shen, S. Patel, F.B. Kraemer, pp. 192-198

A PVC-based capric acid membrane potentiometric sensor for lead(II) ions,
M.F. Mousavi, M.B. Barzegar, S. Sahari, pp.199-204

A CO2 sensor based on a Sc3+ conducting Sc1/3Zr2(PO4)3 solid electrolyte,
S. Tamura, N. Imanaka, M. Kamikawa, G.-y. Adachi, pp. 205-210

Paramagnetic oxygen measurement using an optical-fiber microphone,
C.-L. Tsai, C.-S. Fann, S.-H. Wang, R.-F. Fung, pp.211-215

A new type of semiconductor gas sensor based on the n+n combined structure,
Y.-D. Wang, X.-H. Wu, Z.-L. Zhou, pp. 216-220

An amperometric ethanol sensor by using nickel modified carbon-rod electrode,
C.-C. Pang, M.-H. Chen, T.-Y. Lin, T.-C. Chou, pp.221-227

Application of calixarene ionophores in PVC based ISEs for uranium detection,
D.M. Duncan, J.S. Cockayne, pp.228-235

A surface plasmon resonance side active retro-reflecting sensor, 

R.C. Jorgenson, pp. 236-248



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