ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 74 / 1-3


Preface to Europt(r)ode V Special Issue,

P.R. Coulet, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, pp. 1

Nanosensors and biochips: frontiers in biomolecular diagnostics,
T. Vo-Dinh, B.M. Cullum, D.L. Stokes, pp. 2-11

Reversible and selective detection of NO"2 by means of optical fibres,
F. Baldini, A. Capobianchi, A. Falai, A.A. Mencaglia, G. Pennesi, pp.12-17

Bioluminescent whole cell optical fiber sensor to genotoxicants: system optimization,
B. Polyak, E. Bassis, A. Novodvorets, S. Belkin, R.S. Marks, pp.18-26

Controlling the density of nucleic acid oligomers on fiber optic sensors for enhancement of selectivity and sensitivity,
J.H. Watterson, P.A.E. Piunno, C.C. Wust, U.J. Krull, pp.27-36

IR-biosensor: flat silver halide fiber for bio-medical sensing?
U. Bindig, M. Meinke, I. Gersonde, O. Spector, I. Vasserman, A.Katzir, G. Muller, pp.37-46

Submicron sensors for ion detection based on measurement of luminescence decay time,
I. Koronczi, J. Reichert, H.-J. Ache, C. Krause, T. Werner, O.S.Wolfbeis, pp.47-53

An exchangeable Si wafer internal reflection element for FT-IR measurement of water sample,
M. Seyama, I. Sugimoto, T. Katoh, pp.54-59

Simultaneous determination of relative humidity and ammonia in air employing an optical fibre sensor and artificial neural network,
I.M. Raimundo, R. Narayanaswamy, pp.60-68

Optical sensing of the initial stages in the growth and development of fibrin clot,
J.E. Dyr, J. Rysava, J. Suttnar, J. Homola, P. Tobiska, pp.69-73

Long period gratings as solution concentration sensors,
R. Falciai, A.G. Mignani, A. Vannini, pp.74-77

Luminescence lifetime imaging with transparent oxygen optodes,
G. Holst, B. Grunwald, pp.78-90

Protein contact printing for a surface plasmon resonance biosensor with on-chip referencing,
H.B. Lu, J. Homola, C.T. Campbell, G.G. Nenninger, S.S. Yee, B.D.Ratner, pp. 91-99

Detection of foodborne pathogens using surface plasmon resonance biosensors,
V. Koubova, E. Brynda, L. Karasova, J. Skvor, J. Homola, J. Dostalek, P. Tobiska, J. Rosicky, pp.100-105

Novel spectral fiber optic sensor based on surface plasmon resonance,
R. Slavk, J. Homola, J. Ctyroky, E. Brynda, pp.106-111

A novel low-noise measurement principle for LAPS and its application to faster measurement of pH,
A.B. Md. Ismail, H. Sugihara, T. Yoshinobu, H. Iwasaki, pp.112-116

SPR fibre sensor sensitised by fluorosiloxane polymers,
A. Abdelghani, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, pp.117-123

Phase fluorometric dissolved oxygen sensor,
C. McDonagh, C. Kolle, A.K. McEvoy, D.L. Dowling, A.A. Cafolla, S.J.Cullen, B.D. MacCraith, pp.124-130

Selective pool optode for mercury ion sensing in aqueous solution,
B. Kuswandi, R. Narayanaswamy, pp.131-137

An investigation into the use of electrochromic polymers in optical fibre gas sensors,
B. Kondratowicz, R. Narayanaswamy, K.C. Persaud, pp.138-144

Long-range surface plasmons for high-resolution surface plasmon resonance sensors,
G.G. Nenninger, P. Tobiska, J. Homola, S.S. Yee, pp.145-151

Temperature-programmed chemiluminescence measurements for discrimination and determination of fragrance,
T. Okabayashi, T. Toda, I. Yamamoto, K. Utsunomiya, N. Yamashita, M.Nakagawa, pp.152-156

Construction and evaluation of an optical pH sensor based on polyaniline-porous Vycor glass nanocomposite,
P.T. Sotomayor, I.M. Raimundo, A.J.G. Zarbin, J.J.R. Rohwedder, G.O.Neto, O.L. Alves, pp.157-162

A chemiluminometric FIA procedure for the enzymatic determination of l-aspartate,
D. Janasek, U. Spohn, pp.163-167

An integrated optic hydrogen sensor based on SPR on palladium,
P. Tobiska, O. Hugon, A. Trouillet, H. Gagnaire, pp.168-172

Isotope analysis of environmental substances by a new laser-spectroscopic method utilizing different pathlengths,
K. Uehara, K. Yamamoto, T. Kikugawa, N. Yoshida, pp.173-178

Novel oxygen optrode withstanding autoclavation: technical solutions and performance,
H.S. Voraberger, H. Kreimaier, K. Biebernik, W. Kern, pp.179-185

Photolabile group for 5'-OH protection of nucleosides: synthesis and photodeprotection rate,
P. Berroy, M.L. Viriot, M.C. Carre, pp.186-189

Screen-printed electrodes as disposable or reusable optical devices for luminol electrochemiluminescence
B.D. Leca, A.M. Verdier, L.J. Blum, pp.190-193

Sol-gel based optical sensor for continuous determination of dissolved hydrogen peroxide,
A. Lobnik, M. Cajlakovic, pp.194-199

Optical pH sensor based on the absorption of antenna generated europium luminescence by bromothymolblue in a sol-gel membrane,
A. Lobnik, N. Majcen, K. Niederreiter, G. Uray, pp.200-206

Optical fiber as a whole surface probe for chemical and biological applications,
W.B. Lin, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, J.M. Chovelon, M. Lacroix, pp.207-211



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