ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 76 / 1-3


Date : 01-Jun-2001

A rapid receptor-ligand assay determination of estrogens using surface plasmon resonance,
J. Pearson, A. Gill, G.P. Margison, P. Vadgama, A.C. Povey, pp.1-7

Surface plasmon resonance biosensor based on integrated optical waveguide,
J. Dostalek, J. Ctyroky, J. Homola, E. Brynda, M. Skalsky, P.Nekvindova, J. Spirkova, J. Skvor, J. Schrofel, pp. 8-12

Optical hydrogen sensitivity of noble metal-tungsten oxide composite films prepared by sputtering deposition,
M. Ando, R. Chabicovsky, M. Haruta, pp.13-17

Polyaniline composite coatings interrogated by a nulling optical-transmittance bridge for sensing low concentrations of ammonia gas,
M.E. Nicho, M. Trejo, A. Garca-Valenzuela, J.M. Saniger, J. Palacios, H. Hu, pp.18-24

Behavioral experimental studies of a novel vapochromic material towards development of optical fiber organic compounds sensor, 
C. Bariain, I.R. Matas, I. Romeo, J. Garrido, M. Laguna, pp.25-31

Detection of lower hydrocarbons by means of surface plasmon resonance,
T. Urashi, T. Arakawa, pp.32-35

Optochemical HCl gas detection using mono-substituted tetraphenylporphin-polymer composite films,
H. Supriyatno, K. Nakagawa, Y. Sadaoka, pp.36-41

Optochemical HCl gas detection using alkoxy substituted tetraphenylporphyrin-polymer composite films - Effects of alkoxy chain length on sensing characteristics, pp.42-46
K. Nakagawa, Y. Sadaoka, H. Supriyatno, A. Kubo, C. Tsutsumi, K.Tabuchi,

Electrical characterisation of high-frequency thickness-shear-mode resonators by impedance analysis,
B. Zimmermann, R. Lucklum, P. Hauptmann, J. Rabe, S. Buttgenbach, pp.47-57

Inductively coupled, polymer coated surface acoustic wave sensor for organic vapors,
J. Wagner, M. von Schickfus, pp.58-63

The Bleustein-Gulyaev wave for liquid sensing applications,
C. Zhang, J.J. Caron, J.F. Vetelino, pp.64-68

Measurement of acoustic properties of liquid using liquid flow SH-SAW sensor system,
T. Nomura, A. Saitoh, Y. Horikoshi, pp.69-73

Analysis of Im-SH self-assembled monolayer formation and its interaction with Fe^2^+ and Zn^2^+ using quartz chemical analyzer, 
J.M. Kim, J.Y. Park, S.H. Song, B.J. Lee, H. Muramatsu, S.M. Chang, pp.74-79

Rapid design of SAW oscillator electronics for sensor applications,
R.F. Schmitt, J.W. Allen, R. Wright, pp.80-85

A love-wave gas sensor coated with functionalized polysiloxane for sensing organophosphorus compounds,
C. Zimmermann, D. Rebiere, C. Dejous, J. Pistre, E. Chastaing, R.Planade, pp.86-94

Bulk acoustic wave modes in quartz for sensing measurand-induced mechanical and electrical property changes, pp.95-102
R.F. Schmitt, J.W. Allen, J.F. Vetelino, J. Parks, C. Zhang

High temperature nanobalance sensor based on langasite, 
H. Fritze, H.L. Tuller, H. Seh, G. Borchardt, pp.103-107

Characterization of the chemical bond in novel materials by the study of the acoustic signature,
B. Cros, J.Y. Ferrandis, G. Despaux, pp.108-114

On-line characterization of silica gels by acoustic near field,
B. Cros, M. Pauthe, M. Rguiti, J.Y. Ferrandis, pp.115-123

Selective polypyrrole electrodes for quartz microbalances: NO"2 and gas flux sensitivities,
K. Henkel, A. Oprea, I. Paloumpa, G. Appel, D. Schmeiszer, P. Kamieth, pp.124-129

A multi-resolution passive SAW chemical sensor,
Y. Dong, W. Cheng, S. Wang, Y. Li, G. Feng, pp.130-133

Chronopotentiometry and Faradaic impedance spectroscopy as methods for signal transduction in immunosensors,
E. Katz, L. Alfonta, I. Willner, pp.134-141

Preparation of d-amino acid oxidase-immobilized polyion complex membranes,
S. Yabuki, F. Mizutani, Y. Hirata, pp.142-146

A SAW immunosensor for operation in liquid using a SiO"2 protective layer,
J. Freudenberg, M. von Schickfus, S. Hunklinger, pp.147-151

Amperometric sensing system for the detection of urea by a combination of the pH-stat method and flow injection analysis,
K. Yoneyama, Y. Fujino, T. Osaka, I. Satoh, pp.152-157

Hydroperoxide determination by a catalase OPEE: application to the study of extra virgin olive oil rancidification process, 
L. Campanella, M.P. Sammartino, M. Tomassetti, S. Zannella, pp.158-165

Selective labeling of oligonucleotide monolayers by metallic nanobeads for fast optical readout of DNA-chips,
J.M. Kohler, A. Csaki, J. Reichert, R. Moller, W. Straube, W.Fritzsche, pp.166-172

Conventional diagnosis of C-reactive protein in serum using latex piezoelectric immunoassay,
H. Aizawa, S. Kurosawa, K.-i. Ogawa, M. Yoshimoto, J. Miyake, H.Tanaka, pp.173-176

Application of the electronic nose for uremia diagnosis,
Y.-J. Lin, H.-R. Guo, Y.-H. Chang, M.-T. Kao, H.-H. Wang, R.-I. Hong, pp.177-180

Microscopic characterization of Langmuir-Blodgett films incorporating biosynthetically lipid-tagged antibody,
Y. Hirata, M.-L. Laukkanen, K. Keinanen, H. Shigematsu, M. Aizawa, F.Mizutani, pp.181-186

Glucose ENFET doped with MnO"2 powder,
L.-T. Yin, J.-C. Chou, W.-Y. Chung, T.-P. Sun, K.-P. Hsiung, S.-K.Hsiung, pp.187-192

Bioelectrochemistry of glucose oxidase immobilized on ferrocene encapsulated ormosil modified electrode,
P.C. Pandey, S. Upadhyay, pp.193-198

Immunosensor based on optical heterodyne phase detection,
Y. Xinglong, Z. Lequn, J. Hong, W. Haojuan, Y. Chunyong, Z. Shenggeng, pp.199-202

A novel ISFET-based NAD^+-dependent enzyme sensor for lactate,
A.B. Kharitonov, M. Zayats, L. Alfonta, E. Katz, I. Willner, pp.203-210

Tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)dichloro-ruthenium(II) modified carbon paste electrodes for electrocatalytic detection of DNA
N.A. El-Maali, J. Wang, pp. 211-214

Detection of target DNA by electrochemical method,
K. Maruyama, J. Motonaka, Y. Mishima, Y. Matsuzaki, I. Nakabayashi, Y. Nakabayashi, pp.215-219

Multiparameter miniaturised sensor arrays for multiple use,
C. Ritter, F. Heike, K. Herbert, K.F. Josef, L. Susanne, N.Christian, O. Helmut, P. Gabriele, S. Bernhard, S. Marieluise, S.Wolfgang, S. Gregor, pp.220-225

Detection and quantification of nitric oxide in human breath using a semiconducting oxide based chemiresistive microsensor, 
B. Fruhberger, N. Stirling, F.G. Grillo, S. Ma, D. Ruthven, R.J. Lad, B.G. Frederick, pp.226-234

Chemical sensing using an integrated microfluidic system based on the Berthelot reaction,
A. Daridon, M. Sequeira, G. Pennarun-Thomas, H. Dirac, J.P. Krog, P.Gravesen, J. Lichtenberg, D. Diamond, E. Verpoorte, N.F. de Rooij, pp.235-243

Radionuclide and metal ion detection on a capillary electrophoresis microchip using LED absorbance detection,

G.E. Collins, Q. Lu, pp.244-249

Simultaneous determination of Cd, Pb, and Cu metal trace concentrations in water certified samples and soil extracts by means of Hg-electroplated-Ir microelectrode array based sensors,
P.R.M. Silva, M.A. El Khakani, M. Chaker, A. Dufresne, F. Courchesne, pp.250-257

Air quality evaluation by monolithic InP-based resistive sensors,
L. Talazac, J. Brunet, V. Battut, J.P. Blanc, A. Pauly, J.P. Germain, S. Pellier, C. Soulier, pp.258-264

Amperometric sensor for monitoring of dissolved carbon dioxide in seawater,
T. Ishiji, D.W. Chipman, T. Takahashi, K. Takahashi, pp.265-269

CO and NO"2 response of tin oxide silicon doped thin films,
E. Comini, G. Faglia, G. Sberveglieri, pp.270-274

Voltohmmetry - a novel sensing principle for heavy metal determination in aqueous solutions,
M.J. Schoning, B. Hullenkremer, O. Gluck, H. Luth, H. Emons, pp.275-280

Design of a virtual instrument for water quality monitoring across the Internet,
F. Toran, D. Ramrez, A.E. Navarro, S. Casans, J. Pelegr, J.M. Esp, pp.281-285

A solid binding matrix/molecularly imprinted polymer-based sensor system for the determination of clenbuterol in bovine liver using differential-pulse voltammetry,
P. Andrea, S. Miroslav, S. Silvia, M. Stanislav, pp.286-294

Sensors based on fingerprints of neutral and ionic analytes in polymeric materials,
F.L. Dickert, K. Halikias, O. Hayden, L. Piu, R. Sikorski, pp.295-298

Electrical and structural characterisation of mesoporous silica thin films as humidity sensors,
P. Innocenzi, A. Martucci, M. Guglielmi, A. Bearzotti, E. Traversa, pp.299-303

Humidity sensors for a pulmonary function diagnostic microsystem,
C. Laville, J.Y. Deletage, C. Pellet, pp.304-309

Reactive sputtered TiO"2 thin film humidity sensor with negative substrate bias,
L.L.W. Chow, M.M.F. Yuen, P.C.H. Chan, A.T. Cheung, pp.310-315

Highly ethynylated polymers: synthesis and applications for humidity sensors,
A. Bearzotti, I. Fratoddi, L. Palummo, S. Petrocco, A. Furlani, C. Lo Sterzo, M.V. Russo, pp.316-321

One-bodied humidity and temperature sensor having advanced linearity at low and high relative humidity range, S. Park, J. Kang, J. Park, S. Mun, pp.322-326

Multicomponent thin films for electrochemical sensor applications prepared by pulsed laser deposition,
J. Schubert, M.J. Schoning, Y.G. Mourzina, A.V. Legin, Y.G. Vlasov, W. Zander, H. Luth, pp.327-330

1,1'-Binaphthyl subunits as recognition groups of novel macrocyclic ligands - Application for saccharide sensing, 

O. Rusin, V. Kral, pp.331-335

Nanostructured thick-film gas sensors for atmospheric pollutant monitoring: quantitative analysis on field tests
M.C. Carotta, G. Martinelli, L. Crema, C. Malagu, M. Merli, G.Ghiotti, E. Traversa, pp.336-342

Porous silicon patterned by hydrogen ion implantation,
E. Galeazzo, W.J. Salcedo, H.E.M. Peres, F.J. Ramirez-Fernandez, pp.343-346

Piezoelectric crystal membrane chemical sensors based on fullerene C60,
J.-S. Shih, Y.-C. Chao, M.-F. Sung, G.-J. Gau, C.-S. Chiou, pp.347-353

Thick porous silicon formation using implanted mask technology,
A. Splinter, O. Bartels, W. Benecke, pp.354-360

Evaluation of pulse magnetron sputtered Ge films doped with antimony for sensors application,
G.M. Beensh-Marchwicka, W. Mielcarek, E. Prociow, pp.361-365

Novel porphyrin based receptors for saccharide recognition in water,
J. Charvatova, O. Rusin, V. Kral, K. Volka, P. Matejka, pp.366-372

Aggregation and sticking probability of gold on tungsten trioxide films,
L.J. LeGore, R.J. Lad, J.F. Vetelino, B.G. Frederick, E.A. Kenik, pp.373-379

Ultralow power carbon monoxide microsensor by micromachining techniques,
P.P. Tsai, I.-C. Chen, C.-J. Ho, pp.380-387

Alternative sensor materials for light-addressable potentiometric sensors,
T. Yoshinobu, H. Ecken, A. Poghossian, H. Luth, H. Iwasaki, M.J.Schoning, pp.388-392

Photomechanical chemical microsensors,
P.G. Datskos, M.J. Sepaniak, C.A. Tipple, N. Lavrik, pp.393-402

A novel multichannel surface plasmon resonance biosensor,
J.V. Homola, H.B. Lu, G.G. Nenninger, J. Dostalek, S.S. Yee, pp.403-410

Monitoring organic compounds in aqueous solution by rotating ball inlet mass spectrometry with continuous wave infrared laser desorption, 
E.N. Schmidt, H. Orsnes, T. Graf, T. Christensen, H. Degn, pp.411-418

Electronic nose simulation tool centred on PSpice,
E. Llobet, J. Rubio, X. Vilanova, J. Brezmes, X. Correig, J.W.Gardner, E.L. Hines, pp.419-429

Compensatory methods for the odor concentration in an electronic nose system using software and hardware,
T. Maekawa, K. Cai, K. Suzuki, N. Dougami, T. Takada, M. Egashira, pp. 430-435

Non-linear dynamic responses of a semiconductor gas sensor: Evaluation of kinetic parameters and competition effect on the sensor response, 

S. Nakata, K. Takemura, K. Neya, pp. 436-441

Interaction of organophosphorous compounds with TiO"2 and WO"3 surfaces probed by vibrational spectroscopy, 
C.S. Kim, R.J. Lad, C.P. Tripp, pp.442-448

Discrimination of tea by means of a voltammetric electronic tongue and different applied waveforms,
P. Ivarsson, S. Holmin, N.-E. Hojer, C. Krantz-Rulcker, F. Winquist, pp.449-454

Compression of electronic tongue data based on voltammetry - a comparative study,
S. Holmin, P. Spangeus, C. Krantz-Rulcker, F. Winquist, pp.455-464

Odor recorder using active odor sensing system,
T. Nakamoto, Y. Nakahira, H. Hiramatsu, T. Moriizumi, pp.465-469

One-sensor electronic olfactometer for rapid sorting of fresh fruit juices,
P. Mielle, F. Marquis, pp.470-476

Making use of ion fluxes through potentiometric sensor membranes: ISEs with step responses at critical ion activities,
T. Vigassy, W.E. Morf, M. Badertscher, A. Ceresa, N.F. de Rooij, E.Pretsch, pp.477-482

The NO"2 response of solid electrolyte sensors made using nano-sized LaFeO"3 electrodes,
J.W. Yoon, M.L. Grilli, E.D. Bartolomeo, R. Polini, E. Traversa, pp.483-488

Use of a siloxane polymer for the preparation of amperometric sensors: O"2 and NO sensors and enzyme sensors, 
F. Mizutani, S. Yabuki, T. Sawaguchi, Y. Hirata, Y. Sato, S. Iijima, pp.489-493

Copper electrode based amperometric detector cell for sugar and organic acid measurements,
L. Nagy, G. Nagy, P. Hajos, pp.494-499

Potassium-selective conductometric sensor,
A.E. Shvarev, D.A. Rantsan, K.N. Mikhelson, pp.500-505

Microsensor based on NASICON for the analysis of Na^+ in the gingival fluid,
G. Caravel, N. Poignet, E. Siebert, P. Fabry, pp.506-511

A novel potassium ion sensing based on Prussian blue thin films,
K.-C. Ho, C.-L. Lin, pp.512-518

An ISFET-based penicillin sensor with high sensitivity, low detection limit and long lifetime,
A. Poghossian, M.J. Schoning, P. Schroth, A. Simonis, H. Luth, pp.519-526

OxiCarbo^(R), a single sensor for the non-invasive measurement of arterial oxygen saturation and CO"2 partial pressure at the ear lobe,
P.A. Gisiger, J.P. Palma, P. Eberhard, pp.527-530

Voltammetric detection of copper(II) at a carbon paste electrode containing an organically modified silica
M. Etienne, J. Bessiere, A. Walcarius, pp.531-538

Electroanalysis at ultramicroelectrodes of oils and fats -Application to the determination of Vitamin E,
M. Coatanea, A. Darchen, D. Hauchard, pp.539-544

Investigation of the interaction of calixarene (host) and neutral benzotrifluoride (guest) - Comparison of luminescence characteristics of calixarenes with results of model calculations relating to complex formation,
S. Kunsagi-Mate, G. Nagy, L. Kollar, pp.545-550

Studies of chloride adsorption on the Ag/AgCl electrode,
K.R. Temsamani, K. Lu Cheng, pp. 551-555

Integrating photoelectrochemical semiconductor sensor for sulphide ion determination,
D.G. Shchukin, D.V. Sviridov, A.I. Kulak, pp.556-559

Determination of sulfur species using a glassy-crystalline chalcogenide membrane,
C. Cali, G. Taillades, A. Pradel, M. Ribes, pp.560-564

Micromachined sensing module for pO"2, pCO"2, and pH and its design optimization for practical use,
H. Suzuki, T. Hirakawa, T. Hoshi, H. Toyooka, pp.565-572

Quality control of ultra-microelectrode arrays using cyclic voltammetry, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and scanning electrochemical microscopy, 
O. Koster, W. Schuhmann, H. Vogt, W. Mokwa, pp. 573-581

A novel pH sensitive ISFET with on chip temperature sensing using CMOS standard process,
Y.-L. Chin, J.-C. Chou, T.-P. Sun, W.-Y. Chung, S.-K. Hsiung, pp.582-593

Fabrication and characteristics of CO"2-gas sensor using Li"2CO"3-Li"3PO"4-Al"2O"3 electrolyte and LiMn"2O"4 reference electrode, 
D.-H. Kim, J.-Y. Yoon, H.-C. Park, K.-H. Kim, pp.594-599

Microamperometric solid-electrolyte CO"2 gas sensors,
Z.-B. Zhou, L.-D. Feng, Y.-M. Zhou, pp.600-604

New approaches for developing transient electrochemical multi-component gas sensors,
Z.-B. Zhou, L.-D. Feng, W.-J. Liu, Z.-G. Wu, pp.605-609

Solid-state hydrogen sensor based on acid-doped polybenzimidazole,
R. Bouchet, S. Rosini, G. Vitter, E. Siebert, pp.610-616

Protoporphyrin IX dimethyl ester as active material in PVC matrix membranes for the fabrication of zinc(II) selective sensor,
V.K. Gupta, A. Kumar, R. Mangla, pp.617-623

Study on the temperature effect, hysteresis and drift of pH-ISFET devices based on amorphous tungsten oxide,
J.-L. Chiang, S.-S. Jan, J.-C. Chou, Y.-C. Chen, pp. 624-628

Novel constant current driver for ISFET/MEMFETs characterization,
S. Casans, A.E. Navarro, D. Ramrez, J. Pelegr, A. Baldi, N. Abramova, pp.629-633

Application of ISFETs for pH measurement in rain droplets,
A. Poghossian, A. Baade, H. Emons, M.J. Schoning, pp.634-638

Potentiometric sensor based on NASICON and In"2O"3 for detection of CO"2 at room temperature - modification with foreign substances,
K. Obata, S. Kumazawa, K. Shimanoe, N. Miura, N. Yamazoe, pp.639-643

Surface and potentiometric properties of a SO"2 sensor based on a hydrogel coated pH-FET,
B.S. Ebarvia, C.A. Binag, F. Sevilla, pp.644-652

The effect of lipophilic anionic additives on detection limits of ion-selective electrodes based on ionophores with phosphoryl complexing groups,
O.M. Petrukhin, A.B. Kharitonov, E.V. Frakiisky, Y.I. Urusov, A.F.Zhukov, A.N. Shipway, V.E. Baulin, pp. 653-659



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