ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 79 / 1


Date : 25-Sep-2001


Pattern recognition analysis of optical sensor array data to detect nitroaromatic compound vapors,
G.A. Bakken, G.W. Kauffman, P.C. Jurs, K.J. Albert, S.S. Stitzel, pp.1-10

An amperometric NO2 gas sensor based on Pt/Nafion(R) Electrode,
K.-C. Ho, W.-T. Hung, pp.11-16

Composite n-p semiconducting titanium oxides as gas sensors,
N. Savage, B. Chwieroth, A. Ginwalla, B.R. Patton, S.A. Akbar, P.K.Dutta, pp.17-27

The properties of strongly pressed tin oxide-based gas sensors,
I. Kocemba, S. Szafran, J. Rynkowski, T. Paryjczak, pp.28-32

Prussian Blue- and lactate oxidase-based amperometric biosensor for lactic acid,
R. Garjonyte, Y. Yigzaw, R. Meskys, A. Malinauskas, L. Gorton, pp.33-38

Investigation and control of microcracks in tin oxide gas sensing thin-films,
Z. Tang, P.C.H. Chan, R.K. Sharma, G. Yan, I.-M. Hsing, J.K.O. Sin, pp.39-47

Thick-film biosensors for pesticides produced by screen-printing of graphite-epoxy composite and biocomposite pastes,
M. Albareda-Sirvent, A. Merkoci, S. Alegret, pp.48-57

Application of alkali metal molybdenum bronzes as Na+-ion selective sensors up to 70 C,
G. Kakali, K.V. Ramanujachary, M. Greenblatt, pp.58-62

Surface plasmon resonance sensors utilizing microfabricated channels,
M. Furuki, J. Kameoka, H.G. Craighead, M.S. Isaacson, pp.63-69

Diamond microchips for fast chromatography of proteins,
H. Bjorkman, C. Ericson, S. Hjerten, K. Hjort, pp.71-77

Consecutive microcontact printing - ligands for asymmetric catalysis in silicon channels,
H. Andersson, C. Jonsson, C. Moberg, G. Stemme, pp.78-84

Erratum to ''Grating coupled leaky waveguide micro channel sensor chips for optical analysis'' - [Sensors and Actuators B 77(3) (2001) 671-678], 

C. Malins, J. Hulme, P.R. Fielden, N.J. Goddard, pp.85



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