ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 79 / 2-3


Date : 15-Oct-2001


Immunosensing system for @a-fetoprotein coupled with a disposable amperometric glucose oxidase sensor, E.J. Kim, Y. Yanagida, T. Haruyama, E. Kobatake, M. Aizawa, pp. 87-91


A novel contamination sensor in solution: the response of the electric resistance of a composite based on crystalline polymer-grafted carbon black, 

N. Tsubokawa, M. Tsuchida, J. Chen, Y. Nakazawa, pp.92-97


Influence of the catalytic introduction procedure on the nano-SnO2 gas sensor performances - Where and how stay the catalytic atoms?

A. Cabot, A. Dieguez, A. Romano-Rodrguez, J.R. Morante, N. Barsan, pp.98-106


Fabrication and characterization of electroosmotic micropumps,

S. Zeng, C.-H. Chen, J.C. Mikkelsen, J.G. Santiago, pp 107-114


Micromechanical cantilever-based biosensors,

R. Raiteri, M. Grattarola, H.-J. Butt, P. Skladal, pp.115-126


Direct diffusion sampling-based photoacoustic cell for in situ and on-line monitoring of benzene and toluene concentrations in water,

A. Mohacsi, Z. Bozoki, R. Niessner,  pp.127-131


Surface ruthenated tin oxide thin-film as a hydrocarbon sensor

R.S. Niranjan, V.A. Chaudhary, S.R. Sainkar, K.R. Patil, K.Vijayamohanan, I.S. Mulla, pp.132-136


Electroporation microchips for continuous gene transfection

Y.-C. Lin, C.-M. Jen, M.-Y. Huang, C.-Y. Wu, X.-Z. Lin, pp.137-143


A salt-independent pH sensor, 

Q.Y. Cai, C.A. Grimes,  pp.144-149


A reagentless glucose biosensor based on glucose oxidase entrapped into osmium-complex modified polypyrrole films,

S. Reiter, K. Habermuller, W. Schuhmann, pp. 150-156


The influence of Rh surface doping on anomalous properties of thick-film SnO2 gas sensors,

B.W. Licznerski, K. Nitsch, H. Teterycz, K. Wisniewski, pp.157-162


Conductivity of SnO2 thin films in the presence of surface adsorbed species,

V.V. Kissine, V.V. Sysoev, S.A. Voroshilov, pp.163-170


Preparation and gas-sensitive properties of LaFe1-CoO3 semiconducting materials

X. Ge, Y. Liu, X. Liu,  pp.171-174


Micro-machined gas sensor array based on metal film micro-heater,

Y. Mo, Y. Okawa, M. Tajima, T. Nakai, N. Yoshiike, K. Natukawa, pp.175-181


Study of electrical characteristics of porous alumina sensors for detection of low moisture in gases,

S. Basu, S. Chatterjee, M. Saha, S. Bandyopadhay, K.K. Mistry, K.Sengupta, pp.182-186


Thin film sensors of SnO2-CuO-SnO2 sandwich structure to H2S,

W. Yuanda, T. Maosong, H. Xiuli, Z. Yushu, D. Guorui, pp.187-191


Effect of alumina addition on methane sensitivity of tin dioxide thick films,

M. Saha, A. Banerjee, A.K. Halder, J. Mondal, A. Sen, H.S. Maiti, pp.192-195


Differential optical detection of hydrogen gas in the atmosphere,

A. Chtanov, M. Gal, pp.196-199


Enhancement of CO sensitivity of indium oxide-based semiconductor gas sensor through ultra-thin cobalt adsorption,

H.-J. Lee, J.-H. Song, Y.-S. Yoon, T.-S. Kim, K.-J. Kim, W.-K. Choi, pp.200-205


A minute magneto hydro dynamic (MHD) mixer,

H.H. Bau, J. Zhong, M. Yi,  pp.207-215


Corrigendum to: ''Optical waveguide humidity sensor with symmetric multilayer configuration'' [Sensors and Actuators B 75 (1-2): 76-82],

G.H. Cross, Y.T. Ren, pp.216


Corrigendum to ''Studies of chloride adsorption on Ag/AgCl electrode'' [Sensors and Actuators B 76 (1-3): 551-555],

K.R. Temsamani, K. Lu Cheng, pp.217



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