ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 80 / 2


Date : 20-Nov-2001


A new approach to analyzing gas mixtures,

S.J. Qin, Z.J. Wu, pp.85-88


Application of white light-emitting diode to surface plasmon resonance sensors,

H.P. Ho, S.Y. Wu, M. Yang, A.C. Cheung, pp.89-94


Renewable amperometric immunosensor for complement 3 (C3) assay in human serum,

G.-D. Liu, J.-T. Yan, G.-L. Shen, R.-Q. Yu, pp.95-100


The fabrication and optimization of the disposable amperometric biosensor,

Y.-F. Tu, Z.-Q. Fu, H.-Y. Chen, pp.101-105


NiO thin-film formaldehyde gas sensor,

J.A. Dirksen, K. Duval, T.A. Ring, pp.106-115


An integrated optical Mach-Zehnder interferometer functionalized by @b-cyclodextrin to monitor binding reactions,

S. Busse, M. DePaoli, G. Wenz, S. Mittler, pp.116-124


Theory of gas-diffusion controlled sensitivity for thin film semiconductor gas sensor,

G. Sakai, N. Matsunaga, K. Shimanoe, N. Yamazoe, pp.125-131


A novel probe for a fiber optic humidity sensor,

B.D. Gupta, Ratnanjali, pp.132-135


Ion-selective light-addressable potentiometric sensor (LAPS) with chalcogenide thin film prepared by pulsed laser deposition,

Y. Mourzina, T. Yoshinobu, J. Schubert, H. Luth, H. Iwasaki, M.J.Schoning, pp. 136-140


Charge transfer complex-forming dyes incorporated in solid polymer electrolyte for optical humidity sensing,

P.R. Somani, A.K. Viswanath, R.C. Aiyer, S. Radhakrishnan, pp.141-148


A practical approach for fish freshness determinations using a portable electronic nose,

M. O'Connell, G. Valdora, G. Peltzer, R. Martn Negri, pp.149-154


The influence of deposition parameters on room temperature ozone sensing properties of InOx films,

E. Gagaoudakis, M. Bender, E. Douloufakis, N. Katsarakis, E.Natsakou, V. Cimalla, G. Kiriakidis, pp.155-161



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