ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 80 / 3


Date : 01-Dec-2001


Low temperature hydrogen detection at high concentrations: comparison of platinum and iridium,

K. Scharnagl, A. Karthigeyan, M. Burgmair, M. Zimmer, T. Doll, I.Eisele, pp.163-168


Low-power gas sensors based on work-function measurement in low-cost hybrid flip-chip technology,

M. Fleischer, B. Ostrick, R. Pohle, E. Simon, H. Meixner, C. Bilger, F. Daeche, pp.169-173


Gold and platinum as ozone sensitive layer in work-function gas sensors,

M. Zimmer, M. Burgmair, K. Scharnagl, A. Karthigeyan, T. Doll, I.Eisele, pp.174-178


Shuttle electron transfer in tethered mediator biosensor,

L.Y. Gorelik, M. Jonson, R.I. Shekhter, M.V. Voinova, pp.179-182


Gas response dependence on gate metal morphology of field-effect devices,

M. Lofdahl, C. Utaiwasin, A. Carlsson, I. Lundstrom, M. Eriksson, pp.183-192


The electrooxidation of sulfur-containing compounds at boron-doped diamond electrode,

O. Chailapakul, P. Aksharanandana, T. Frelink, Y. Einaga, A.Fujishima, pp.193-201


Organic field-effect transistors based on Langmuir-Blodgett films of substituted phthalocyanines,

Y. Liu, W. Hu, W. Qiu, Y. Xu, S. Zhou, D. Zhu, pp.202-207


Study on CuO-BaTiO3 semiconductor CO2 sensor,

B. Liao, Q. Wei, K. Wang, Y. Liu, pp.208-214


Drug evaluations using a novel microphysiometer based on cell-based biosensors,

W. Yicong, W. Ping, Y. Xuesong, Z. Gaoyan, H. Huiqi, Y. Weimin, Z.Xiaoxiang, H. Jinghong, C. Dafu, pp. 215-221


HREELS study of Au/Fe2O3 thick film gas sensors,

G. Neri, A. Bonavita, S. Galvagno, L. Caputi, D. Pacile, R. Marsico, L. Papagno, pp.222-228


A printable glucose sensor based on a poly(pyrrole)-latex hybrid material

A. Kros, S.W.F.M. van Hovel, R.J.M. Nolte, N.A.J.M. Sommerdijk, pp.229-233


Potentiometric CO2 gas sensor with lithium phosphorous oxynitride electrolyte,

C. Lee, S.A. Akbar, C.O. Park, pp.234-242


Artificial intelligence methods for selection of an optimized sensor array for identification of volatile organic compounds, R. Polikar, R. Shinar, L. Udpa, M.D. Porter, pp.243-254


Electrostatic discharge sensitivity tests for ISFET sensors, pp. 255-260

A. Baldi, A. Bratov, R. Mas, C. Domnguez,


The dangers of creating false classifications due to noise in electronic nose and similar multivariate analyses, K.L. Goodner, J.G. Dreher, R.L. Rouseff, pp.261-266


Cerium oxide/SnO"2-based semiconductor gas sensors with improved sensitivity to CO,

A. Khodadadi, S.S. Mohajerzadeh, Y. Mortazavi, A.M. Miri, pp. 267-271


Layer-by-layer construction of an active multilayer enzyme electrode applicable for direct amperometric determination of cholesterol, K. Vengatajalabathy Gobi, F. Mizutani, pp.272-277


Fluorescence quenching of benzo[k]fluoranthene in poly(vinyl alcohol) film: a possible optical sensor for nitro aromatic compounds, D. Patra, A.K. Mishra, pp.278-282


Glycerol biosensor based on glycerol dehydrogenase incorporated into polyaniline modified aluminum electrode using hexacyanoferrate as mediator, A. Eftekhari, pp.283-289


Letter to the Editor on ''Simulation of Ta2O5 gate ISFET temperature characteristics'' by J.C. Chou, Y.S. Li, J.L. Chiang -[Sensors and Actuators B 71 (2000) 73-76] J.-C. Chou, Y.-S. Li, J.-L. Chiang, pp.290-291


Comment on ''Simulation of Ta2O5 gate ISFET temperature characteristics'' by Chou et al.M. Kosmulski, pp. 292-293



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