ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 81 / 1


Date : 15-Dec-2001


Preparation and application of immobilized C60-glucose oxidase enzyme in fullerene C60-coated piezoelectric quartz crystal glucose sensor, C.-W. Chuang, J.-S. Shih, pp. 1-8. Abstract.


Investigation of stability and reliability of tin oxide thin-film for integrated micro-machined gas sensor devices, R.K. Sharma, P.C.H. Chan, Z. Tang, G. Yan, I.-M. Hsing, J.K.O. Sin, pp 9-16. Abstract.


Approximation of calibration of phase-fluorimetric oxygen sensors on the basis of physical models,

V.I. Ogurtsov, D.B. Papkovsky, N.Y. Papkovskaia, pp.17-24. Abstract.


Silicon based microfabricated tin oxide gas sensor incorporating use of Hall effect measurement,

J.W. Hammond, C.-C. Liu, pp.25-31. Abstract.


Gas sensing characteristics of multi-wall carbon nanotubes,

O.K. Varghese, P.D. Kichambre, D. Gong, K.G. Ong, E.C. Dickey, C.A.Grimes, pp.32-41. Abstract.


An oxygen insensitive microsensor for nitrous oxide,

K. Andersen, T. Kjaer, N.P. Revsbech, pp.42-48. Abstract.


Micromachining of non-fouling coatings for bio-MEMS applications, 

Y. Hanein, Y.V. Pan, B.D. Ratner, D.D. Denton, K.F. Bohringer, pp.49-54. Abstract.


High-temperature hydrocarbon sensors based on a stabilized zirconia electrolyte and proton  conductor-containing platinum electrode,

A. Hashimoto, T. Hibino, K.-t. Mori, M. Sano, pp.55-63. Abstract.


Bilayered tin oxide:zirconia thin film as a humidity sensor, 

R.S. Niranjan, S.D. Sathaye, I.S. Mulla, pp.64-67. Abstract.


Silica-based hybrid materials as biocompatible coatings for glucose sensors,

A. Kros, M. Gerritsen, V.S.I. Sprakel, N.A.J.M. Sommerdijk, J.A.Jansen, R.J.M. Nolte, pp.68-75. Abstract.


A low-cost optode-array measuring system based on 1 mm plastic optical fibers - new technique for in situ detection and quantification of pyrite weathering processes, 

H. Hecht, M. Kolling, pp.76-82. Abstract.


Field-effect NO2 sensors with group 1B metal gates,

D. Filippini, M. Rosch, R. Aragon, U. Weimar, pp. 83-87. Abstract.


SAW chemical sensing using poly-ynes and organometallic polymer films,

M. Penza, G. Cassano, A. Sergi, C. Lo Sterzo, M.V. Russo, pp.88-98. Abstract.


Tungsten oxide reactivity versus CH4, CO and NO2 molecules studied, by Raman spectroscopy,

M. Boulova, A. Gaskov, G. Lucazeau, pp.99-106. Abstract.


Miniaturised carbon dioxide sensor designed for measurements within plant leaves,

S. Hanstein, D. de Beer, H.H. Felle, pp.107-114. Abstract.


Gas recognition by activated WO"3 thin-film sensors array,

M. Penza, G. Cassano, F. Tortorella, pp.115-121. Abstract.


Preparation and application of iodide-mercury selective membrane electrode based on ion exchangers,

G. Somer, S.V. Kalayci, G. Ekmekci, pp.122-127. Abstract.


A very low attenuation fiber-optical sensor switch (LAFOSS),

H. Hecht, M. Kolling, pp.128-131. Abstract.



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