ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 81 / 2-3


Date : 05-Jan-2002


Comparing a 10 MHz thickness-shear mode quartz resonator with a commercial process viscometer in monitoring resol manufacture process, H. Helle, H. Valimaki, J. Lekkala, pp 133-140. Abstract.


Humidity sensing properties of surface functionalised polyethylene and polypropylene films,

T. Maddanimath, I.S. Mulla, S.R. Sainkar, K. Vijayamohanan, K.I., Shaikh, A.S. Patil, S.P. Vernekar, pp. 141-151. Abstract.


Study on the temperature effects of Al2O3 gate pH-ISFET,

J.-C. Chou, C.-Y. Weng, H.-M. Tsai, pp. 152-157. Abstract.


Fabrication and characterization of polyaniline-based gas sensor by ultra-thin film technology,

D. Xie, Y. Jiang, W. Pan, D. Li, Z. Wu, Y. Li, pp. 158-164. Abstract.


One-step solid-state reaction synthesis and gas sensing property of tin oxide nanoparticles,

F. Li, J. Xu, X. Yu, L. Chen, J. Zhu, Z. Yang, X. Xin, pp.165-169. Abstract.


Preparation of Fe2O3(0.9)-SnO2(0.1) by hydrazine method: application as an alcohol sensor,

C.V. Gopal Reddy, W. Cao, O.K. Tan, W. Zhu, pp.170-175. Abstract.


Gas sensing characteristics of SnO2 thin film fabricated by thermal oxidation of a Sn/Pt double layer,

C.-H. Shim, D.-S. Lee, S.-I. Hwang, M.-B. Lee, J.-S. Huh, D.-D. Lee, pp.176-181, Abstract.


Study on sensing properties of tin oxide CO gas sensor with low power consumption,

K.R. Han, C.S. Kim, K.T. Kang, H.J. Koo, D.I. Kang, H. Jingwen, pp.182-186. Abstract.


Water glass bonding for micro-total analysis system,

T. Ito, K. Sobue, S. Ohya, pp.187-195. Abstract.


Investigation of a Cu(II) fibre optic chemical sensor using fast sulphon black F (FSBF) immobilised onto XAD-7,

N. Mahendra, P. Gangaiya, S. Sotheeswaran, R. Narayanswamy, pp.196-201. Abstract.


A novel microchip for capillary electrophoresis with acrylic microchannel fabricated on photosensor array,

Y. Mizukami, D. Rajniak, A. Rajniak, M. Nishimura, pp. 202-209. Abstract.


The characteristics and gas-sensing property of bis[phthalocyaninato] rare earth complexes based charge-flow transistor, D. Xie, Y. Jiang, W. Pan, J. Jiang, Z. Wu, Y. Li, pp.210-217. Abstract.


Assay of fish freshness using trimethylamine vapor probe based on a sensitive membrane on piezoelectric quartz crystal, C. Zhao, Y. Pan, L. Ma, Z. Tang, G. Zhao, L. Wang, pp.218-222. Abstract.


Lead-selective poly(vinyl cholride) membrane electrode based on piroxicam as a neutral carrier,

S. Sadeghi, G.R. Dashti, M. Shamsipur, pp. 223-228. Abstract.


Zinc(II) oxide-zinc(II) molybdate composite humidity sensor,

A.M. Edwin Suresh Raj, C. Mallika, K. Swaminathan, O.M. Sreedharan, K.S. Nagaraja, pp. 229-236. Abstract.


H2S sensing properties of noble metal doped WO3 thin film sensor fabricated by micromachining,

W.-H. Tao, C.-H. Tsai, pp.237-247. Abstract.


Humidity sensors based on composite material of nano-BaTiO3 and polymer RMX,

J. Wang, Q. Lin, R. Zhou, B. Xu, pp.248-253. Abstract.


A design for improving the sensitivity of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer to chemical and biological measurands,

Z.-m. Qi, N. Matsuda, K. Itoh, M. Murabayashi, C.R. Lavers, pp.254-258. Abstract.


Optical fibre Al(III) sensor based on solid surface fluorescence measurement,

M. Ahmad, R. Narayanaswamy, pp.259-266. Abstract.


Poly(vinyl chloride) membrane electrode for a stimulant, phentermine, using tris(2-ethylhexyl) phosphate as a solvent mediator, T. Katsu, K. Ido, K. Kataoka, pp.267-272. Abstract.


Urea sensing materials via solidified crystalline colloidal arrays,

F. Zeng, S. Wu, Z. Sun, H. Xi, R. Li, Z. Hou, pp.273-276. Abstract.


Gas and humidity sensors based on iron oxide-polypyrrole nanocomposites,

K. Suri, S. Annapoorni, A.K. Sarkar, R.P. Tandon, pp.277-282. Abstract.


Determination of mode of interactions between novel drugs and calf thymus DNA by using quartz crystal resonator,

H.C.M. Yau, H.L. Chan, M. Yang, pp.283-288. Abstract.


Wavelet transform-based fast feature extraction from temperature modulated semiconductor gas sensors,

R. Ionescu, E. Llobet, pp.289-295. Abstract.


Thick film Au-gate field-effect devices sensitive to NO2,

D. Filippini, L. Fraigi, R. Aragon, U. Weimar, pp. 296-300. Abstract.


New applications of tin oxide gas sensors - II. Intelligent sensor system for reliable monitoring of ammonia leakages,

A. Jerger, H. Kohler, F. Becker, H.B. Keller, R. Seifert, pp.301-307. Abstract.


Humidity sensitive characteristics of Zn2SnO4-LiZnVO4 thick films prepared by the sol-gel method, 

G. Fu, H. Chen, Z. Chen, J. Zhang, H. Kohler, pp.308-312. Abstract.


A long-term stable iridium oxide pH electrode,

M. Wang, S. Yao, M. Madou, pp.313-315. Abstract.


Colorimetric resonant reflection as a direct biochemical assay technique,

B. Cunningham, P. Li, B. Lin, J. Pepper, pp.316-328. Abstract.


Effect of gas humidity on the potential of pseudoreference Pt/air electrode in amperometric solid-state gas sensors,

P. Hrncrova, F. Opekar, pp.329-333. Abstract.


Reagentless chemiluminescence biosensor for determination of hydrogen peroxide based on the immobilization of horseradish peroxidase on biocompatible chitosan membrane, G.-J. Zhou, G. Wang, J.-J. Xu, H.-Y. Chen, pp.334-339. Abstract.


Influence of humidity on the electrical properties of potassium triiodomercurate,

J.P. Ponpon, M. Sieskind, M. Amann, pp.340-346. Abstract.


The derivation of the electrical conductance/concentration dependency for SnO2 gas sensor for ethanol,

L. Gajdosik, pp.347-350. Abstract.


Influence of ionisation energy on the quality of static head space-mass spectrometry spectral fingerprints,

F. Begnaud, J.L. Berdague, pp.351-358. Abstract.


Glucose, lactate, and pyruvate biosensor arrays based on redox polymer/oxidoreductase nanocomposite thin-films deposited on photolithographically patterned gold microelectrodes, A.F. Revzin, K. Sirkar, A. Simonian, M.V. Pishko, pp.359-368. Abstract.


Bi-enzymatic and capillary electrophoretic analysis of non-fluorescent compounds in microfluidic devices - Determination of xanthine, T. Richter, L.L. Shultz-Lockyear, R.D. Oleschuk, U. Bilitewski, D.J. Harrison, pp.369-376. Abstract.


The design of an in-plane compliance structure for microfluidical systems,

T.T. Veenstra, N.R. Sharma, F.K. Forster, J.G.E. Gardeniers, M.C.Elwenspoek, A. van den Berg,

pp.377-383. Abstract.


Conference Calendar, pp. 384.



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