ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 82 / 1


Date 01-Feb-2002


A new method for filter-free fluorescence measurements,

P. Langer, R. Muller, S. Drost, T. Werner, pp.1-6. Abstract.


Influence of oxygen and carbon dioxide on the electrochemical stability of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) used as ion-to-electron transducer in all-solid-state ion-selective electrodes, M. Vazquez, J. Bobacka, A. Ivaska, A. Lewenstam, pp.7-13. Abstract.


Adsorption kinetics of optochemical NH3 gas sensing with semiconductor polyaniline films,

H. Hu, M. Trejo, M.E. Nicho, J.M. Saniger, A. Garca-Valenzuela, pp.14-23. Abstract.


Optimization of structure and power supply conditions of catalytic gas sensor,

A.G. Kozlov, pp.24-33. Abstract.


Feasibility of potentiometric oxygen gas sensor based on perovskite and sodium titanate measuring electrode J. Ramrez-Salgado, P. Fabry, pp.34-39. Abstract.


CO and NO2 sensing properties of doped-Fe2O3 thin films prepared by LPD,

G. Neri, A. Bonavita, S. Galvagno, P. Siciliano, S. Capone, pp.40-47. Abstract.


On the inappropriate use of gated emission measurements in oxygen quenching studies of luminescent thin film sensors, P. Douglas, K. Eaton, pp. 48-53. Abstract. 


Exploitation of spatiotemporal information and geometric optimization of signal/noise performance using arrays of carbon black-polymer composite vapor detectors, S.M. Briglin, M.S. Freund, P. Tokumaru, N.S. Lewis, pp. 54-74. Abstract.


Temperature analysis of continuous-flow micro-PCR based on FEA,

Q. Zhang, W. Wang, H. Zhang, Y. Wang, pp.75-81. Abstract.


Ruthenium: tin oxide thin film as a highly selective hydrocarbon sensor,

R.S. Niranjan, S.R. Sainkar, K. Vijayamohanan, I.S. Mulla, pp. 82-88. Abstract.


Fabrication and characterization of U-shaped fiber-optic pH probes,

B.D. Gupta, N.K. Sharma, pp.89-93, Abstract.


Effect of humidity on the response characteristics of luminescent PtOEP thin film optical oxygen sensors,

K. Eaton, P. Douglas, pp.94-104, Abstract.


Highly selective sulfate PVC-membrane electrode based on 2,5-diphenyl-1,2,4,5-tetraaza-bicyclo [2.2.1] heptane as a neutral carrier, M. Shamsipur, M. Yousefi, M.R. Ganjali, T. Poursaberi, M. Faal-Rastgar, pp.105-110. Abstract.


Design and fabrication of a hydrodynamic chromatography chip,

M.T. Blom, E. Chmela, J.G.E. Gardeniers, R. Tijssen, M. Elwenspoek, A. van den Berg, pp.111-116. Abstract.


Molecular diffusive scaling laws in pressure-driven microfluidic channels: deviation from one-dimensional Einstein approximations, A.E. Kamholz, P. Yager, pp.117-121. Abstract.


Conference calendar, pp.122-123.



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