ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 82 / 2-3


Date 28-Feb-2002


An optical pH sensor based on excitation energy transfer in Nafion(R) film,

V. Misra, H. Mishra, H.C. Joshi, T.C. Pant, pp. 133-141. Abstract.


Microporous zeolite modified yttria stabilized zirconia (YSZ) sensors for nitric oxide (NO) determination in harsh environments,  N.F. Szabo, H. Du, S.A. Akbar, A. Soliman, P.K. Dutta, pp. 142-149. Abstract.


An attenuated total reflectance optrode sensor incorporating infrared-active carbonylmetal probe groups,

 C.S. Creaser, W.E. Hutchinson, G.R. Stephenson, pp. 150-157. Abstract.


Counteraction of environmental disturbances of electronic nose data by independent component analysis,

C. Di Natale, E. Martinelli, A. D'Amico, pp.158-165. Abstract.


Hydrogen detection on a cryogenic motor with a SnO2 sensors network,

C. Pijolat, G. Tournier, P. Breuil, D. Matarin, P. Nivet, pp.166-175. Abstract.


Horseradish peroxidase sol-gel immobilized for chemiluminescence measurements of alkaline-phosphatase activity,

A.N. Daz, F.G. Sanchez, M.C. Ramos, M.C. Torijas, pp. 176-179. Abstract.


Sensitivity of the a-Si:H/c-Si structure to alcohol vapors, 

D. Sueva, S.S. Georgiev, L. Iliev, N. Nedev, A. Toneva, pp.180-185. Abstract.


A fractal analysis of analyte-receptor binding and dissociation kinetics in microcantilever biosensors,

M.J. Austin, A. Sadana, pp.186-199. Abstract.


Response characteristics of thin film oxygen sensors, Pt and Pd octaethylporphyrins in polymer films,

P. Douglas, K. Eaton, pp. 200-208. Abstract.


Electroosmotic flow pumps with polymer frits,

S. Zeng, C.-H. Chen, J.G. Santiago, J.-R. Chen, R.N. Zare, J.A.Tripp, F. Svec, J.M.J. Frechet, pp.209-212. Abstract.


Fully integrated optical polarimeter,

T. Koster, P. Lambeck, pp.213-226. Abstract.


A miniaturised silicon based enzymatic biosensor: towards a generic structure and technology for multi-analytes assays, A.-M. Gue, H. Tap, P. Gros, F. Maury, pp.227-232. Abstract.


Imaging of protein arrays and gradients using softlithography and biochip technology,

R. Tantra, J. Cooper, pp.233-240. Abstract.


High surface area polymer coatings for SAW-based chemical sensor applications,

N. Levit, D. Pestov, G. Tepper, pp.241-249. Abstract.


Reagentless mediated biosensors based on polyelectrolyte and sol-gel derived silica matrix,

J. Niu, J.Y. Lee, pp.250-258. Abstract.


Pentacyclooctaaza as a neutral carrier in coated-wire ion-selective electrode for nickel(II),

M. Mazloum, M.S. Niassary, M.K. Amini, pp.259-264. Abstract.


Bilayer structure for hydrogen detection in a surface acoustic wave sensor system,

W.P. Jakubik, M.W. Urbanczyk, S. Kochowski, J. Bodzenta, pp. 265-271. Abstract.


Optical oxygen sensors based on phosphorescent water-soluble platinum metals porphyrins immobilized in perfluorinated ion-exchange membrane, V.V. Vasil'ev, S.M. Borisov, pp. 272-276. Abstract.


An integrated gas sensor technology using surface micro-machining,

P.C.H. Chan, G.-z. Yan, L.-y. Sheng, R.K. Sharma, Z. Tang, J.K.O.Sin, I.-M. Hsing, Y. Wang, pp. 277-283. Abstract.


Electrophoretic deposition of SrTi1 - MgO3- films in oxygen sensor,

T. Ding, W. Jia, pp.284-286. Abstract.


In situ UV-photopolymerization of gas-phase monomers for microanalytical system applications,

M.-D. Hsieh, E.T. Zellers, pp.287-296. Abstract.


Microfabricated cross-flow chemical reactor for catalyst testing, 

S.K. Ajmera, C. Delattre, M.A. Schmidt, K.F. Jensen, pp.297-306. Abstract.


Conference Calander, pp. 307-308


Sensors and actuators publishes selected, pp.309-310.



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