ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 83 / 1-3


Date 15-Mar-2002


Development of a multichannel integrated interferometer immunosensor,

A. Ymeti, J.S. Kanger, R. Wijn, P.V. Lambeck, J. Greve, pp.1-7. Abstract.


Flexible BIOMEMS with electrode arrangements on front and back side as key component in neural prostheses and biohybrid systems, T. Stieglitz, M. Gross, pp. 8-14. Abstract.


Techniques for patterning and guidance of primary culture neurons on micro-electrode arrays,

L. Griscom, P. Degenaar, B. LePioufle, E. Tamiya, H. Fujita, pp.15-21. Abstract.


Protein micro arrays immobilized by @m-stamps and -protein wells on PhastGel(R) pad,

F.-G. Tseng, S.-C. Lin, H.M. Huang, C.-Y. Huang, C.-C. Chieng, pp.22-29. Abstract.


Development of a superoxide sensor by immobilization of superoxide dismutase,

K. Endo, T. Miyasaka, S. Mochizuki, S. Aoyagi, N. Himi, H. Asahara, K. Tsujioka, K. Sakai, pp.30-34. Abstract.


Bioelectronic nose for methyl mercaptan vapor using xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme: flavin-containing monooxygenase, K. Mitsubayashi, Y. Hashimoto, pp.35-40. Abstract.


An in-line osmometer for application to a cell-based biosensor system,

N.J. Mourlas, K.H. Gilchrist, L. Giovangrandi, N.I. Maluf, G.T.A.Kovacs, pp.41-47. Abstract.


A biosensor for Escherichia coli based on a potentiometric alternating biosensing (PAB) transducer,

C. Ercole, M.D. Gallo, M. Pantalone, S. Santucci, L. Mosiello, C.Laconi, A. Lepidi, pp.48-52. Abstract.


A disposable ''intelligent mosquito'' with a reversible sampling mechanism using the volume-phase transition of a gel,

H. Suzuki, T. Tokuda, K. Kobayashi, pp. 53-59. Abstract.


Cuff actuator for adaptive holding condition around nerves,

 S. Konishi, T. Kobayashi, H. Maeda, S. Asajima, M. Makikawa, pp.60-66. Abstract.


A photochemical/chemical direct method of synthesizing high-performance deoxyribonucleic acid chips for rapid and parallel gene analysis, K. Takahashii, K. Seio, M. Sekine, O. Hino, M. Esashi, pp.67-76. Abstract.


A sensor for blood cell counter using MEMS technology,

D. Satake, H. Ebi, N. Oku, K. Matsuda, H. Takao, M. Ashiki, M. Ishida, pp.77-81. Abstract.


Derivatization of fluorinated polymers and their potential use for the construction of biosensors,

J. Glodek, P. Milka, I. Krest, M. Keusgen, pp.82-89. Abstract.


ISFET glucose sensor system with fast recovery characteristics by employing electrolysis,

K.-Y. Park, S.-B. Choi, M. Lee, B.-K. Sohn, S.-Y. Choi, pp.90-97. Abstract.


Electronic protection methods for conductivity detectors in micro capillary electrophoresis devices,

J. Bastemeijer, W. Lubking, F. Laugere, M. Vellekoop, pp.98-103. Abstract.


Design of an electronic interface for capacitively coupled four-electrode conductivity detection in capillary electrophoresis microchip, F. Laugere, G.W. Lubking, J. Bastemeijer, M.J. Vellekoop, pp.104-108. Abstract.


Design of miniaturized nitrite sensors based on silicon structure with back-side contacts,

K. Wygladacz, E. Malinowska, J. Jazwinski, Z. Brzozka, pp.109-114. Abstract.


Monitoring pH with organic-based field-effect transistors,

C. Bartic, B. Palan, A. Campitelli, G. Borghs, pp.115-122. Abstract.


Micro- and nanopatterning of sensor chips by means of macroporous silicon,

A. Kurowski, J.W. Schultze, H. Luth, M.J. Schoning, pp.123-128. Abstract.


Micromachined mass spectrometer,

N. Sillon, R. Baptist, pp.129-137. Abstract.


Microfabricated solid-state dissolved oxygen sensor,

G.W. McLaughlin, K. Braden, B. Franc, G.T.A. Kovacs, pp.138-148. Abstract.


Gas sensing properties of pseudo-Schottky diodes on p-type indium phosphide substrates - Application to O3 and NO2 monitoring in urban ambient air, L. Talazac, F. Barbarin, C. Varenne, L. Mazet, S. Pellier, C. Soulier, pp.149-159. Abstract.


Gas sensing properties of p-type semiconducting Cr-doped TiO2 thin films,

Y. Li, W. Wlodarski, K. Galatsis, S.H. Moslih, J. Cole, S. Russo, N.Rockelmann, pp.160-163. Abstract.


Chemical images by artificial olfactory epithelia,

J. Mizsei, S. Ress, pp.164-168. Abstract.


Micro membrane reactor: a flow-through membrane for gas pre-combustion,

A. Splinter, J. Sturmann, O. Bartels, W. Benecke, pp.169-174. Abstract.


Polysilicon mesoscopic wires coated by Pd as high sensitivity H2 sensors,

A. Tibuzzi, C. Di Natale, A. D'Amico, B. Margesin, S. Brida, M. Zen, G. Soncini, pp.175-180. Abstract.


Selective ammonia exhaust gas sensor for automotive applications,

R. Moos, R. Muller, C. Plog, A. Knezevic, H. Leye, E. Irion, T.Braun, K.-J. Marquardt, K. Binder, pp.181-189. Abstract.


Sensing properties to dilute chlorine gas of indium oxide based thin film sensors prepared by electron beam evaporation, J. Tamaki, C. Naruo, Y. Yamamoto, M. Matsuoka, pp.190-194. Abstract.


High H2 sensing performance of anodically oxidized TiO2 film contacted with Pd,

Y. Shimizu, N. Kuwano, T. Hyodo, M. Egashira, pp.195-201. Abstract.


Mechanistic model of diffusion and reaction in thin sensor layers-the DIRMAS model,

P. Boeker, O. Wallenfang, G. Horner, pp.202-208. Abstract.


Preparation and gas-sensing properties of thermally stable mesoporous SnO2,

T. Hyodo, N. Nishida, Y. Shimizu, M. Egashira, pp.209-215. Abstract.


Diffusion equation-based study of thin film semiconductor gas sensor-response transient,

N. Matsunaga, G. Sakai, K. Shimanoe, N. Yamazoe, pp.216-221. Abstract.


Mixed potential type sensor using stabilized zirconia and ZnFe2O4 sensing electrode for NO detection at high temperature,

N. Miura, S. Zhuiykov, T. Ono, M. Hasei, N. Yamazoe, pp.222-229. Abstract.


Sol-gel TiO2 and W/TiO2 nanostructured thin films for control of drunken driving,

C. Garzella, E. Comini, E. Bontempi, L.E. Depero, C. Frigeri, G.Sberveglieri, pp.230-237. Abstract.


Wavelet transform and fuzzy ARTMAP-based pattern recognition for fast gas identification using a micro-hotplate gas sensor, E. Llobet, J. Brezmes, R. Ionescu, X. Vilanova, S. Al-Khalifa, J.W.Gardner, N. Barsan, X. Correig, pp.238-244. Abstract.


Detection of volatile compounds correlated to human diseases through breath analysis with chemical sensors, M. Fleischer, E. Simon, E. Rumpel, H. Ulmer, M. Harbeck, M. Wandel,C. Fietzek, U. Weimar, H. Meixner, pp. 245-249. Abstract.


A microsensor array with porous tin oxide thin films and microhotplate dangled by wires in air,

D.-S. Lee, C.-H. Shim, J.-W. Lim, J.-S. Huh, D.-D. Lee, Y.-T. Kim, pp.250-255. Abstract.


Improvement of olfactory video camera: gas/odor flow visualization system,

H. Ishida, T. Tokuhiro, T. Nakamoto, T. Moriizumi, pp.256-261. Abstract.


A real-time data acquisition system for a hand-held electronic nose (H2EN),

 H.-T. Chueh, J.V. Hatfield, pp.262-269. Abstract.


Novel array-type gas sensors using conducting polymers, and their performance for gas identification,

Y. Sakurai, H.-S. Jung, T. Shimanouchi, T. Inoguchi, S. Morita, R.Kuboi, K. Natsukawa, pp.270-275. Abstract.


Comparison of single and binary oxide MoO3, TiO2 and WO3 sol-gel gas sensors,

K. Galatsis, Y.X. Li, W. Wlodarski, E. Comini, G. Sberveglieri, C.Cantalini, S. Santucci, M. Passacantando, pp. 276-280. Abstract.


Studies on thermal properties of a micro gas sensing element array with central single heater,

W.-Y. Chung, J.-W. Lim, D.-D. Lee, pp.281-284. Abstract.


Miniaturized flame ionization detector for gas chromatography,

S. Zimmermann, P. Krippner, A. Vogel, J. Muller, pp.285-289. Abstract.


Conference Calander, pp.290-291.



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