ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 84/  1


Date 30-Apr-2002


Electrical properties of reactively sputtered WO3 thin films as ozone gas sensor,

K. Aguir, C. Lemire, D.B.B. Lollman, pp. 1-5. Abstract.


Sputtered thin films of CuBr for ammonia microsensors: morphology, composition and ageing,

M. Bendahan, P. Lauque, C. Lambert-Mauriat, H. Carchano, J.-L. Seguin, pp 6-11. Abstract.


Analysis of the catalytic activity and electrical characteristics of different modified SnO2 layers for gas sensors,

A. Cabot, A. Vila, J.R. Morante, pp.12-20. Abstract.


Perovskite-type BaSnO3 powders for high temperature gas sensor applications,

J. Cerda, J. Arbiol, G. Dezanneau, R. Daz, J.R. Morante, pp. 21-25. Abstract.


Nanostructured mixed oxides compounds for gas sensing applications,

E. Comini, M. Ferroni, V. Guidi, G. Faglia, G. Martinelli, G.Sberveglieri, pp.26-32. Abstract.


Zinc sulfide columns by chemical conversion of zinc oxide,

L. Dloczik, R. Engelhardt, K. Ernst, M.C. Lux-Steiner, R. Konenkamp, pp.33-36. Abstract.


Crystallographic characterization of In"2O"3 films deposited by spray pyrolysis,

G. Korotcenkov, V. Brinzari, A. Cerneavschi, A. Cornet, J. Morante, A. Cabot, J. Arbiol, pp.37-42. Abstract.


Reactive R.F. magnetron sputtering deposition of WO3 thin films,

C. Lemire, D.B.B. Lollman, A. Al Mohammad, E. Gillet, K. Aguir, pp. 43-48. Abstract.


Correlation between surface chemical composition and vapor sensing properties of gold-fluorocarbon nanocomposites, N. Cioffi, I. Farella, L. Torsi, A. Valentini, A. Tafuri, pp. 49-54. Abstract.


Preparation and characterization of nanostructured materials for an artificial olfactory sensing system,

F. Quaranta, R. Rella, P. Siciliano, S. Capone, C. Distante, M.Epifani, A. Taurino, pp. 55-59. Abstract.


Microdeposition of microwave obtained nanoscaled SnO2 powders for gas sensing microsystems,

J. Puigcorbe, A. Cirera, J. Cerda, J. Folch, A. Cornet, J.R. Morante, pp. 60-65. Abstract.


Micro-gas-sensor with conducting polymers,

Q. Fang, D.G. Chetwynd, J.A. Covington, C.-S. Toh, J.W. Gardner, pp.66-71. Abstract.


Gas sensing through thick film technology,

V. Guidi, M.A. Butturi, M.C. Carotta, B. Cavicchi, M. Ferroni, C.Malagu, G. Martinelli, D. Vincenzi, M. Sacerdoti, M. Zen, pp.72-77. Abstract.


Pulverisation method for active layer coating on microsystems,

I. Jimenez, A. Cirera, A. Cornet, J.R. Morante, I. Gracia, C. Cane, pp.78-82. Abstract.


Design and operational conditions of small electrochemical cell for optical switching employing hydrogenation of Pd/Y structure, E.S. Matveeva, R.J. Ortega Ramiro, A. Sanchez Bolinchez, C. Ferrer, Jimenez, V.P. Parkhutik, pp.83-90. Abstract.


Conference Calendar, pp. 91-92.



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