ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 86/  1


Date 30-Aug-2002


An experimental study on high-temperature metallization for micro-hotplate-based integrated gas sensors,

G. Yan, Z. Tang, P.C.H. Chan, J.K.O. Sin, I.-M. Hsing, Y. Wang, pp. 1-11. Abstract.


Solid oxide fuel cells that enable the detection of CO in reformed gases,

A. Hashimoto, T. Hibino, M. Sano, pp.12-19. Abstract.


Preparation of a sensor device with specific recognition sites for acetaldehyde by molecular imprinting technique,

K. Hirayama, Y. Sakai, K. Kameoka, K. Noda, R. Naganawa, pp.20-25. Abstract.


Gas sensing with zeolite-coated quartz crystal microbalances-principal component analysis approach,

I. Sasaki, H. Tsuchiya, M. Nishioka, M. Sadakata, T. Okubo, pp.26-33. Abstract.


Pore size optimisation of humidity sensor - a probabilistic approach,

G. Banerjee, K. Sengupta, pp.34-41. Abstract.


Langmuir-Blodgett films of poly(3-dodecyl thiophene) for application to glucose biosensor,

R. Singhal, W. Takashima, K. Kaneto, S.B. Samanta, S. Annapoorni, B.D. Malhotra, pp.42-48. Abstract.


Asymmetric SPR sensor response curve-fitting equation for the accurate determination of SPR resonance angle,

K. Kurihara, K. Nakamura, K. Suzuki, pp.49-57. Abstract.


Preparation and study on the drift and hysteresis properties of the tin oxide gate ISFET by the sol-gel method,

J.C. Chou, Y.F. Wang, pp.58-62. Abstract.


Novel optical fiber sensor for simultaneous measurement of temperature and salinity,

Y. Zhao, Y. Liao, pp.63-67. Abstract.


Humidity sensor using gel polyelectrolyte prepared from mutually reactive copolymers,

S.-H. Park, J.-S. Park, C.-W. Lee, M.-S. Gong, pp.68-74. Abstract.


WO3 and WTiO thin-film gas sensors prepared by sol-gel dip-coating,

J. Shieh, H.M. Feng, M.H. Hon, H.Y. Juang, pp.75-80. Abstract.


Humidity sensor using mutually reactive copolymers containing quaternary ammonium salt and reactive function,

M.-S. Gong, S.-W. Joo, B.-K. Choi, pp.81-87. Abstract.


Novel electron transfer mediators, indoaniline derivatives for amperometric lactate sensor,

K. Hirano, H. Yamato, K. Kunimoto, M. Ohwa, pp.88-93. Abstract.


Light-addressable potentiometric fluoride (F) sensor,

A.B.M. Ismail, K. Furuichi, T. Yoshinobu, H. Iwasaki, pp.94-97. Abstract.


Amperometric NO gas sensor in the presence of diffusion barrier: selectivity, mass transfer of NO and effect of temperature, J.-S. Do, K.-J. Wu, M.-L. Tsai, pp.98-105. Abstract.


Cpnference Calander, pp.106-107.



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