ISSN : 0925-4005 Vol./Iss. : 86,  2-3


Date 20-Sep-2002


Amplifying structure for the development of field-effect capacitive sensors,

P. Temple-Boyer, J. Launay, G. Sarrabayrouse, A. Martinez, pp. 111-121. Abstract.


Engine oil condition sensor: method for establishing correlation with total acid number,

S.S. Wang, pp.122-126. Abstract.


A flow cell optosensor for determination of Co(II) based on immobilised 2-(4-pyridylazo)resorcinol in chitosan membrane by using stopped flow, flow injection analysis,

N.A. Yusof, M. Ahmad, pp.127-133. Abstract.


Biosensing efficacy of living and thermally-killed Pseudomonas putida P8,

T.C. Tan, W. Hu, pp 134-142. Abstract.


Study of pure urease Langmuir-Blodgett film and application for biosensor development,

Y. Hou, N. Jaffrezic-Renault, A. Zhang, J. Wan, A. Errachid, J.-M. Chovelon, pp.143-149. Abstract.


Oxygen potentiometric sensors based on thermally stable solid state proton conductors: a preliminary investigation in the temperature range 150-200 C,

G. Alberti, A. Carbone, R. Palombari, pp.150-154. Abstract.


A novel highly reversible humidity sensor based on poly(2-propyn-2-furoate),

Y. Li, M.J. Yang, pp.155-159. Abstract.


Humidity sensor using cross-linked polyelectrolyte prepared from mutually reactive copolymers containing phosphonium salt,

M.-S. Gong, J.-S. Park, M.-H. Lee, H.-W. Rhee, pp.160-167. Abstract.


Polymeric humidity sensor using phosphonium salt-containing polymers,

S.-Y. Son, M.-S. Gong, pp.168-173. Abstract.


A needle-electrochemical microsensor for in vivo measurement of the partial pressure of oxygen in acupuncture points,

W. Xu, W. Ma, K. Li, J. Hu, L. Shen, H. Li, L. Cao, pp.174-179. Abstract.


Amperometric sensor for thiosulphate based on cobalt hexacyanoferrate modified electrode,

D. Ravi Shankaran, S. Sriman Narayanan, pp.180-184. Abstract.


The influence of cation segregation on the methanol decomposition on nanostructured SnO2,

N.L.V. Carreno, A.P. Maciel, E.R. Leite, P.N. Lisboa-Filho, E. Longo, A. Valentini, L.F.D. Probst, C.O. Paiva-Santos, W.H. Schreiner, pp.185-192. Abstract.


An all-organic sensor-transistor based on a novel electrochemical transducer concept printed electrochemical sensors on paper,

D. Nilsson, T. Kugler, P.-O. Svensson, M. Berggren, pp.193-197. Abstract.


Microscale electronic detection of bacterial metabolism,

R. Gomez, R. Bashir, A.K. Bhunia, pp.198-208. Abstract.


A novel flow through optical fiber biosensor for glucose based on luminol electrochemiluminescence,

L. Zhu, Y. Li, G. Zhu, pp.209-214. Abstract.


Dielectrophoretic separation and manipulation of live and heat-treated cells of Listeria on microfabricated devices with interdigitated electrodes,

H. Li, R. Bashir, pp.215-221. Abstract.


Highly selective Cu(II) PVC membrane electrode based on 3, 6, 9, 14-tetrathiabicyclo [9.2.1] tetradeca-11, 13-diene as a suitable neutral ionophore,

M.H. Mashhadizadeh, A. Mostafavi, R. Razavi, M. Shamsipur, pp. 222-228. Abstract.


Polymer electrolytes as humidity sensors: progress in improving an impedance device,

M.J. Yang, Y. Li, N. Camaioni, G. Casalbore-Miceli, A. Martelli, G.Ridolfi, pp.229-234. Abstract.


Magnesium-selective electrodes,

V.K. Gupta, S. Chandra, R. Mangla, pp.235-241. Abstract.


A reversible electrochemical nanosyringe pump and some considerations to realize low-power consumption,

H. Suzuki, R. Yoneyama, pp.242-250. Abstract.


Classification of workplace gases using temperature modulation of two SnO2 sensing films on substrate,

N.-J. Choi, C.-H. Shim, K.-D. Song, D.-S. Lee, J.-S. Huh, D.-D. Lee, pp.251-258. Abstract.


Electrochemical H2S sensor with H2SO4 pre-treated Nafion membrane as solid polymer electrolyte,

C. Yu, Y. Wang, K. Hua, W. Xing, T. Lu, pp.259-265. Abstract.


Sol-gel derived iridium composite glucose biosensor,

F. Tian, G. Zhu, pp.266-270. Abstract.


Chemical analysis in photostructurable glass chips,

H. Becker, M. Arundell, A. Harnisch, D. Hulsenberg, pp.271-279. Abstract.


Micro devices integrated with microchannels and electrospray nozzles using PDMS casting techniques,

C.-H. Chiou, G.-B. Lee, H.-T. Hsu, P.-W. Chen, P.-C. Liao, pp.280-286. Abstract.


Investigation of liquids by photo-induced charge effect at solid-liquid interfaces [rapid communication],

O.D. Ivanov, L.L. Konstantinov, pp.287-289. Abstract.


CONFERENCE Calander pp. 290.


List of Conferences, pp.291-292.



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