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Handbook of Laboratory Measurements



Vol. 184, Issue 1, January 2015


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Table of Contents


Sensor Devices, Technologies and Applications





1) Editorial

    Sergey Y. Yurish, p.I


2) A Review on Innovative Procedures for the Analysis of Data from Gas Sensor Systems and Networks

    Rolf Seifert, Hubert Keller, Jrg Matthes, pp.1-10

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


3) Hall-Effect Sensors for Real-Time Monitoring Pier Scour

    Chen-Chia Chen, Chih-Chyau Yang, Ssu-Ying Chen, Wen-Ching Chen, Gang-Neng Sung, Chih-Ting Kuo, Yi-Jie Hsieh, Chien-Ming Wu, Chun-Ming Huang, pp.11-18

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


4) Sensitivity of Miniaturized Photo-elastic Transducer for Small Force Sensing

    Naceur-Eddine Khelifa, Marc Himbert, pp.19-25

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


5) A Highly Automated, Wireless Inertial Measurement Unit Based System for Monitoring Gym-Based Push-Start Training Sessions by Bob-Skeleton Athletes

    Mark Gaffney, Dr. Michael Walsh, Brendan O'Flynn, Dr. Ó Mathúna, pp.26-38

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


6) Glass Based Electrodes for the Determination of Redox Potentials in Water Samples

    Frank Gerlach, Kristina Ahlborn, Sandra Sachse, Winfried Vonau, pp.39-44

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


7) Study on Ultrasonic Source System Using Acoustic Waveguide: Simulation of 2D Acoustic Fields

    Shigeru Igarashi, Shinichi Takeuchi, pp.45-52

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


8) Non-invasive and Locally Resolved Measurement of Sound Velocity by Ultrasound

    Mario Wolf, Elfgard Khnicke, pp.53-59

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


9) Numerical Model of Piezoelectric Lateral Electric Field Excited Resonator

    Andrey Teplykh, Boris Zaitsev, Iren Kuznetsova, pp.60-65

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


10) Evaluating a Miniature Multisensor Biosignal Recorder for Unsupervised Parkinson’s Disease Monitoring

     Chris Bailey, Jim Austin, Garry Hollier, anthony Moulds, Micheal Freeman, Alex Fargus, 7 Tom Lampert, pp.66-76

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


11) Affordable Remote Health Monitoring System for the Elderly Using Smart Mobile Device

     Matthew Clark, Jongil Lim, Girma Tewolde, Jaerock Kwon, pp.77-83

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


12) Adaptive Filtering Technique and Comparison of PS25015A Dry Electrodes and Two Different Ag/AgCl Wet Electrodes
     for Wearable ECG Applications

     Nika Zolfaghari, Shahini Sirikantharajah, Mohsen Shafeie, Kristiina M. Valter Mcconville, pp.84-91

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


13) Electrocardiogram Classification Sensor System Supporting an Autonomous Mobile Cardiovascular Disease Detection Aid

     Patrick Dasilva, Paul Fortier, Kristen Sethares, pp.92-100

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


14) New Directions in EEG Measurement: an Investigation into the Fidelity of Electrical Potential Sensor Signals

     M. Fatoorechi, D. Schwartzman, H. Prance, J. Parkinson, A. K. Seth, R. J. Prance, pp.101-107

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


15) P-shaped Coiled Stator Ultrasound Motor for Rotating Intravascular Surgery Device

     Toshinobu Abe, Tadashi Moriya, Takasuke Irie, Masakazu Satou, Shinichi Takeuchi, pp.108-115

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


16) Error Detection on a Spectral Data Using an Optical Processor Based on a-SiC Technology

     Manuel Augusto Vieira, Manuela Vieira, Paula Louro, Vitor Silva, pp.116-122

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


17) Photonic Amorphous Pi’n/pin SiC Optical Filter Under Controlled Near UV Irradiation

      Manuela Vieira, Manuel Augusto Vieira, Isabel Rodrigues, Vitor Silva, Paula Louro, pp.123-129

      [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


18) Temperature and Dilatation Estimation for Modern Semiconductor Devices

      Eric Joubert, Olivier Latry, Jean-Philippe Roux, pp.130-135

      [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


19) Torque and Axial Loading Physics for Measuring Atmospheric Icing Load and Icing Rate

      Umair Najeeb Mughal, Muhammad Shakeel Virk, pp.136-145

      [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


20) Charge Transfer Scheme for Atmospheric Ice Sensing

      Umair Najeeb Mughal, Taimur Rashid and Muhammad Virk, pp.146-152

      [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


21) Design and Development of a Magneto-Optic Sensor for Magnetic Field Measurements

     Sarbani Chakraborty and Sarita Kumari, pp.153-158

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


22) Amperometric Nitric Oxide Sensor Based on Carbon Paste Electrode Modified with Chromium (III) Oxide

     Liridon S. Berisha, Arsim Maloku, Tahir Arbneshi, Kurt Kalcher, pp.159-164

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

Digital Sensors and Sensor Systems



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Safe Measurement in Gas and Dust Hazard Areas: The EE300Ex Humidity & Temperature Transmitter Conforms
to International Standards for Intrinsically Safe Applications


Engerwitzdorf, 21.01.2015, Austria - The intrinsically safe EE300Ex humidity & temperature transmitter from E+E Elektronik conforms to the European ATEX Directive and now also to the international IECEx and the FM classification specifically relevant to the USA and Canada. This makes the device suitable for worldwide usage in explosion hazard areas. The EE300Ex was developed for use in explosion hazard environments and can be mounted directly in both gas and dust hazard areas of zone 0 / Div1. Precise humidity and temperature measurements from 0…100 %rel. hum. and -40…180 °C (-40...356 °F) are also possible in applications under pressure up to 300 bar (4351 psi). Just as with humidity measurement in air, the EE300Ex can also be used for moisture measurement in oils ...


Mr. Johannes Fraundorfer,

E+E Elektronik GmbH

Langwiesen 7 A-4209

Engerwitzdorf Austria,

Tel.: +43 (0) 7235 605-0,

Fax: +43 (0) 7235 605-8

E-mail: johannes.fraundorfer@epluse.at

Web: http://www.epluse.com



High Performance Electromagnetic Sensor


5 January 2015 - RALEIGH, NC, USA - Kyma Technologies, Inc., a leading supplier of advanced materials solutions that promote safety and energy efficiency, is pleased to announce the availability of the EM-Dot™ which is a new type of high performance electromagnetic sensor. As previously announced, the technology behind the EM-Dot™ is protected under US patent 7,482,814 which is entitled “ELECTRIC/MAGNETIC SENSOR” and was invented by University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) professor Robert Schill and research scientist Marc Popek. Kyma signed an exclusive license to this technology in 2013 and has been working towards its commercialization ever since.



Keith Evans,

Kyma Technologies,

8829 Midway West Road,

Raleigh, NC 27617, USA

Tel.: 919.789.8880

E-mail: info@kymatech.com

Web: http://www.kymatech.com

EM-Dot electromagnetic sensor



Sensirion and Mouser Electronics Sign Global Distribution Agreement


Mouser Electronics, Inc., a leading global distributor and developer’s top choice for semiconductors and electronic components, announced today they have entered into a global distribution agreement with Sensirion AG, a leading manufacturer of high-quality sensor and microsensor components and evaluation kits. The Sensirion product line includes MEMS-based humidity and temperature sensors, pressure sensors, and mass flow sensors developed for a wide variety of applications ...


Andreas Meile,


Buchhaltung, Laubisrütistrasse 50,

CH-8712 Stäfa, Switzerland

Tel.: +41 44 306 40 00

Fax: +41 44 306 40 30

E-mail: info@sensirion.com

Web: http://www.sensirion.com

Sensirion Headquarters in Switzerland



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