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Vol. 92, No. 5, May 2008





Table of Contents


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1. A Single Rod Multi-Modality Multi-Interface Level Sensor Using an AC Current Source,

    Abdulgader Hwili and Wuqiang Yang, pp.1-9

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


2. A Modified Design of an Electronic Float Transducer for Measurement of Liquid Level,

    S. C. Bera, N. Mandal and R. Sarkar, pp.10-15

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


3. Small-angle Sensor Based on the SPR Technology and Heterodyne Interferomery,

    Shinn-Fwu Wang, Ming-Hung Chiu, Lih-Horng Shyu, Rong-Seng Chang, pp.16-23

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


4. Study of Room Temperature H2S Gas Sensing behavior of CuO-modified BSST Thick Film Resistors,

    H. M. Baviskar, V. V. Deo, D. R. Patil, L. A. Patil, pp.24-31

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


5. Influence of Quartz Fillers in Dielectric Composites on Electrostrictive Sensors,

   B. Shivamurthy, Tapas Kr. Basak, M. S. Prabhuswamy, Siddaramaiah, Himanshu Tripathi, S. S. Deopa, pp.32-42

   [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


6. Optical Fiber Humidity Sensor Based on Ag Nanoparticles Dispersed in Leaf Extract of Alstonia Scholaris,

    Anu Vijayan, Madhavi V. Fuke, Prajakta Kanitkar, R. N. Karekar, R. C. Aiyer, pp.43-54

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


7. Gas Sensing of Fluorine Doped Tin Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis,

    A. A. Yadav, E. U. Masumdar, A. V. Moholkar, K. Y. Rajpure, C. H. Bhosale, pp.55-60

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


8. Design and Fabrication of Dual Mode Pyroelectric Sensor: High Sensitive Energymeter for Nd: YAG Laser and Detector for Chopped

    He-Ne Laser,

    S. Satapathy, Puja Soni, P. K. Gupta, V. K. Dubey and K. B. R. Varma, pp.61-68

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


9. Vanadium Doped Tungsten Oxide Material - Electrical Physical and Sensing Properties,

    Shishkin N. Y., Cherkasov V. A., Komarov A. A., Bashkirov L. A., Bardi U., Gunko Y. K., Taratyn Y. A., pp.69-86

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


10.A Cadmium Ion-selective Membrane Electrode Based on Strong Acidic Organic-Inorganic Composite Cation-Exchanger:

     Polyaniline Ce(IV) Molybdate,

     Syed Ashfaq Nabi, Zafar Alam and Inamuddin, pp.87-98

     [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


11.Synthesis of Antimony Doped Tin Oxide and its Use as Electrical Humidity Sensor,

     B. C. Yadav, Preeti Sharma, Amit. K. Srivastava and A. K. Yadav, pp.99-107

     [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


12.Online Corrosion and Force Monitoring for Inner Containment Concrete Structures,

     K. Kumar, C. S. Unnikrishnan Nair, H. T. Jegadish, S. Muralidharan, A. K. Parande, M. S. Karthikeyan and N. Palaniswamy, pp.108-121

     [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


13.Recent Advances in DNA Biosensor,

    Suman and Ashok Kumar, pp.122-133

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


14.Magnetoelastic Biosensor Design: an Experimental Study of Sensor Response and Performance,

    Rajesh Guntupalli, Ramji S. Lakshmanan, Jiehui Wan, Z-Y. Cheng, Vitaly J. Vodyanoy, Bryan A. Chin, pp.134-143

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]


15.Active Bio-Sensor System, Compatible with Arm Muscle Movement or Blinking Signals in BCI Application,

    Saeid Mehrkanoon, Mahmoud Moghavvemi, pp.144-151

    [Abstract and Full Text Article Download]





Crush Test Accelerometer with Certified Performance


Endevco Corporation, has announced introduction of the Endevco model 7287 crush sensor with performance certified to specifications for critical test applications requiring superior accuracy, reliability and low cost of ownership. The device provides for reliable, predictable performance in terms of several key parameters and avoids the need to characterize the sensor before use. The model 7287 features input voltage of 10Vdc and output sensitivity of 0.10 mV/g. Additional features include full scale range of 2,000 g; frequency response of 4,000 Hz with resonant frequency of 20,000 Hz; a small, lightweight configuration for easy glue mounting; rugged, PVC-jacketed cable that is less than 2mm in diameter for easy installation and cable routing with shielding to preserve signal integrity. Three form factors are available for maximum flexibility, two with cable and one without cable for customers who prefer to do their own wiring ...


Yeni Hoo,

Marketing Communications Supervisor


30700 Rancho Viejo Rd.

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675, USA

Tel.: 949-493-8181 x242

E-mail: yeni.hoo@meggitt.com

Model 7287 crush test accelerometer



MEMS Barometric Pressure Sensor


The new BMP085 enters the market as the smallest and most accurate micromechanical (MEMS) pressure sensor with a digital I2C output. Maintaining pin and software compatibility with Bosch Sensortec's 1st generation SMD500, customers can now achieve even greater performance without impacting designs already in production. With a 25 percent package height reduction and a remarkable reduction to a seventh in standby current to 0.1 µ, BMP085 makes way for navigation applications in the mobile space. Both enhancements add to the attractiveness of the device for manufacturers of mobile consumer electronics. But without in any way degrading sensitivity – the 0.03 hectopascal maximum resolution of the BMP085 is an optimum enabling the sensor to respond to differences in altitude of just 25 cm. BMP085 as part of a mobile platform can thus enable new levels of vertical accuracy at a fraction of the overall system cost ...


Robert Bosch GmbH

Postfach 10 60 50

D-70049 Stuttgart


Tel.: +49 (0) 711 811-0

E-mail: bosch-presse@kittelberger.de

BMP085 pressure sensor



Contact-free DC-Operated Rotary Position Sensors Measure Angular Displacement of Rotating Elements up to 120º


Pennsauken, NJ, May 2, 2008 - Macro Sensors introduces a new series of contactless, fractional-turn, rotary position sensors that provide an absolute output proportional to shaft rotation over a total range of up 120º. The RSE 1500 Series Rotary RVDT Position Sensors are ideal for measuring the angular displacement of rotating elements such as quarter-turn ball and butterfly valves, air flow dampers, mail sorters, and diverter gates used in packaging and postal sorting machinery. Units are also useful for other limited rotation applications requiring high reliability such as pedal position sensing for mobile equipment such as lift trucks, stackers, golf carts, and lawn tractors, or throttle lever position sensing in boats, cranes, and articulating-arm utility service vehicles.


Although their shafts can rotate a full 360º, the RSE 1500 Series Rotary RVDT Position Sensors measure shaft angle position over a nominal range of 120º. Units can operate in 0° to 30°, 60°, 90°, or 120° rotation ranges. Contactless inductive technology enables these rotary position positions to offer high accuracy and repeatability with exceptional reliability. Units exhibit a linearity error of less than 0.10% of full range output while operating over temperatures from 0ºF to 185ºF (-20ºC to 85ºC) ...


Harold Schaevitz,

Macro Sensor

U.S. Route 130 North, Bldg. 22,

Pennsauken, NJ  08110-1541, USA

Tel.: 856-662-8000

Fax: 856-317-1005

E-mail: harolds@macrosensors.com

RSE 1500 Series Rotary RVDT Position Sensor



First Stand-alone 4-20 mA Vibration Displacement Sensor for Machinery Monitoring


Wilcoxon Research, announces the addition of a displacement sensor to its popular PC420 Series of 4-20 mA vibration sensors. The PC420D is the first IEPE displacement transducer and 4-20 mA vibration transmitter packaged as a single sensor. Wilcoxon’s PC420 Series of sensors monitors rotating equipment and outputs a real time 4-20 mA signal proportional to the vibration level. By trending this real time data, plant personnel are able to schedule preventative maintenance activities around planned downtime, saving time and money in costly unexpected repairs.


The PC420D sensor outputs a 4-20 mA signal based on the displacement level of the machine vibration. The 4-20 mA output is determined by first measuring the peak to peak vibration, then converting that level to a 4-20 mA signal. Because balance components tend to dominate the vibration spectrum when viewed in displacement units, the PC420D sensor is able to track the balance component of machines, one of the most sought after parameters. Integrating this signal into an existing PLC, DCS or SCADA system simplifies real time health monitoring because vibration, formerly considered too complex, can now be trended in easily understood units of mils or millimeters of displacement ...


Courtney Schlapo,

Marketing Communications

Wilcoxon Research

Tel.: 281 213 8238

E-mail: courtney.schlapo@meggitt.com

Series PC420D displacement sensor



Sensors’ Reliability and Repeatability Improve Chemical Storage


MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division is providing its magnetostrictive Level Plus® transmitters to chemical manufacturers to provide continuous level measurement in storage tanks, reactors, and process tanks. The sensors’ accuracy and reliability make them an ideal choice for the storage and processing of liquids that can result in both significant financial loss and harm to people and the environment if misuse or leakage occurs. MTS liquid-level transmitters are designed for easy installation and low maintenance, from which chemical manufacturers are benefiting. The specialty chemical industry requires sensors that can withstand harsh environments while delivering quality performance under those conditions ...


Lee Aiken,

MTS Sensors Division,

3001 Sheldon Drive,

Cary, NC 27513, USA

Tel.: (919) 677-2373

Fax: 919-677-0200

E-mail: lee.aiken@mts.com


Level Plus transmitters



Fast and Accurate Sensor Film Helps Production of Load Cells to Continue


Madison, NJ (USA) – May 14, 2008 - Pressurex®, a thin flexible film from Sensor Products Inc., is a versatile tool for quality control and machine component inspection.  Its ability to easily and rapidly show inconsistencies in surface pressure between mating or contacting surfaces has lowered scrap rate and assisted in the design and manufacture of many industrial and electronic products. Pressurex® reveals surface pressure from 2 - 43,200 psi (0.14 - 3,000 kg/cm2). No training or instrumentation is required. It is ideal to assess surface contact inconsistencies in virtually any industrial or electronic application, including gaskets, clamps, bolted joints, connectors, heat sinks, heat sealing elements, welding heads, and plastic and composite manufacture, among others ...


Arlene Gleicher

Sensor Products Inc.

300 Madison Ave.

Madison, NJ 07940 USA

Tel.: 1.973.884.1755 x5826

Fax: 1-973-884-1699

E-mail: agleicher@sensorprod.com

Pressurex thin flexible film



Wireless Weight Measurement Kit


Loadstar Sensors Inc. of Mountain View has launched a wireless weight measurement kit that enables product designers and end users to easily build an accurate and reliable weight measurement system. The kit contains four of Loadstar’s patent-protected CS Series capacitive sensors (choice of either 50lb. or 100lb. capacity), one DS-2100 WiFi display and summing device with wireless connection capability, LoadVUE software for simplifying measurement and calibration tasks using a PC, as well as all the data cables (four MX-500 data cables) and a 9V power adapter to connect and power the system. All the components of the kit are designed to work seamlessly with each other, making the creation of a weight measurement system effortless ...


Div Harish, Jay Patel

Loadstar Sensors, Inc.

453 Ravendale Drive, Suite F, Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone: 1-650-938-4282, fax: 1-650-938-4285

E-mail: div@loadstarsensors.com

Wireless weight measurement kit



Industry First, Low-Cost -55°C to +230°C Operating Temperature Range Rejustors


Montreal, Québec, – May 12,  2008 – Microbridge Technologies, Inc., announced three new devices that extend the company’s reach into the high temperature, military/aerospace and energy exploration markets. Available in two basic types, the Rejustors target the need for precision and accuracy in extreme temperature environments and offer a lifetime drift of well less than 1 %. The new Rejustors have no mechanical moving parts and are ideal for vibration sensitive applications such as calibrating electronics for Jet engine monitoring instruments, voltage regulators, downhole drilling, military, furnace and boiler, strain gauge and vibration sensors. These applications benefit from improved reliability, dependability, dust and moisture resistance over mechanical parts as well as from the lowest noise and widest bandwidth of any adjustable resistor technology available ...


Microbridge Technologies Canada Inc.

1980 Sherbrooke St. West Suite 505

Montreal, QC H3H 1E8 Canada

Tel.: 514-938-8089

Fax: 514-938-9089

E-mail: s.arts@comcast.net

High temperature rejustor



 Central Measurement System Gateway for Complex Applications in the Automotive Industry


IPETRONIK has launched its specially designed “TESTdrive” real-time software that allows users to stay in control of increasingly complex testing tasks within the car manufacturing sector. TESTdrive is a practical all-round tool for jobs such as measurement and diagnosis, stable long-term data capture, online classification, and pre-processing and networking of different measurement variables. The measurement system uses the M-LOG data logger platform as its central synchronizing measurement system gateway. The logger can be modularly configured and expanded to include a wide range of interfaces and external components. In addition to traditional logger functions, TESTdrive can optionally be expanded to include communication protocols that allow it to communicate with the entire range of control systems in a vehicle. The logger also permits synchronous linking of physical variables via access to protocols, error memory, DAQ lists, etc. All data and protocols can easily be accessed and managed, thanks in particular to its user-friendly configuration software, which runs on all computers with current Windows operating systems. The included import tool allows convenient use of all common description files, such as CANdb, A2L and others ...


Andreas Geh


Jägerweg 1

76532 Baden-Baden


Fax: +49-7221-9922-100

E-mail: andreas.geh@ipetronik.com

Measurement system





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