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Vol. 140, No. 5, May 2012





Table of Contents



Journal's CD 2011:


    Sensors & Transduers journal's CD 2011






1) Modern Sensors, Transducers and Sensor Networks

    Editorial book review, IFSA, pp.I-II

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


2) Research in Nanothermometry. Part 1: Temperature of Micro- and Nano- sized Objects

    Bohdan Stadnyk, Svyatoslav Yatsyshyn, Yaroslav Lutsyk, pp.1-7

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


3) Research in Nanothermometry. Part 2: Methodical Error Problem of Contact Thermometry

    Bohdan Stadnyk, Svyatoslav Yatsyshyn, Oresta Kozak, pp.8-14

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


4) Research in Nanothermometry. Part 3. Characteristics of the Thermometers with Liquid- and Solid-phase Sensitive Elements

    Svyatoslav Yatsyshyn, Bohdan Stadnyk, Yaroslav Lutsyk, pp.15-23

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


5) Film Cooling Technique Simulation

    Bachir Bounegta, Rabah Dizene and Maamar Abdelkarim, pp.24-35

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


6) Development of Parallel and Fan-Shaped Beam Mixed-Projection Optical Tomography

    Siti Zarina Mohd. Muji, Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Mohd Hafiz Fazalul Rahiman, Yusry Yunus, Zulkarnay Zakaria, Nor Muzakkir Nor Ayob, pp.36-44

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


7) A Study on Optical Sensors Orientation for Tomography System Development

    M. Fadzli B Abdul Shaib, Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, Siti Zarina M. Muji, Leow Pei Ling, M. Mahadi Abdul Jamil, pp.45-52

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


8) Optimizing the Frequency of Ultrasonic Tomography System with a Metal Pipeline

    Javad Abbaszadeh, Herlina Abdul Rahim, and Ruzairi Abdul Rahim, pp.53-64

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


9) A Line Detection Algorithm for Road Remarking

    Mark Cameron and Ibrahim Al-Bahadly, pp.65-73

    [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


10) Identification of Faces by Multimodal Information Fusion of Depth and Color

     Abdelmalik Ouamane, Mébarka Belahcene, Abdelhamid Benakcha, Mohamed Boumehrez, Abdelmalik Taleb Ahmed, pp.74-87

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


11) Implementation of PID Controller in MATLAB for Real-time Position Control of Faulhaber DC Micromotor

     Manjunatha Reddy H. K., Immanuel J., Shrimanth Sudheer L., Parvathi C. S., and Bhaskar P., pp.88-95

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


12) PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate) Fibre Optic Probe for Sensing Acceleration

     Binu Sukumaran, pp.96-105

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


13) Applications of Electronic Nose Based on MOX and QMB Sensors

     Valeria Messina and Noemì Walsőe de Reca, pp.106-114

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


14) Design of Optoelectronic System Using Multi Wavelength Illuminator for the Analysis of Sodium Ion in Blood Serum

     K. Murugananthan, R. Raghoonathan, K. Chakrapani and P. Neelamegam, pp.115-123

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]


15) Spray Pyrolysed Nanostructured ZnO Thin Film Sensors for Ethanol Gas

     Ramesh Bari, Sharad Patil, Anil Bari, Ganesh Patil, Jalindar Ambaker, pp.124-132

     [Abstract and Full Page Article Download]

Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems



Sensors Web Portal









New and Improved VersaPad®, a Robust Resistive Touchpad from Interlink Electronics- leader in FSR® Technology


Interlink Electronics announces the release of a new and improved version of VersaPad® Interlink’s resistive touchpad for rugged mouse applications. VersaPad® can withstand continuous movement over its entire area that totals 118 miles without failure – that’s 32 years of use! The VersaPad® sensor works even in the presence of moisture, grime, or dust—an advantage over capacitive technology. This makes VersaPad® the ideal touchpad for rugged laptops, industrial computers, and more ...


Paul Kelley,

Global Sales Manager

Interlink Electronics, Inc.
Tel.: +1 805.436.0271




Beyond the Limits: High-Tech Sensors for Heavy-Duty Applications


Kistler sensors and systems deliver an impressive performance where products from other suppliers come to their limits. With its motto "Kistler Goes Beyond the Limits" the manufacturer with a long tradition emphasizes the unique selling point of its pressure, force, torque and acceleration sensors. High sensitivities, extreme measuring ranges, outstanding operation temperatures and a particularly flexible application are the unique selling points of Kistler sensors in industrial and laboratory applications. These salient attributes are at the forefront of Kistler's presentation at booth no. 327, hall 11 of the SENSOR+TEST 2012 trade fair, which will take place from 22 May through 24 May in Nuremberg/Germany ...


Kistler Group

Eulachstrasse 22

8408 Winterthur


Tel.: +41 52 224 11 11, fax: +41 52 224 14 14

E-mail: info@kistler.com

High-Tech Sensors for Heavy-Duty Applications



Industry’s First Analog 3-axis, High-g MEMS Accelerometer


Analog Devices has introduced the industry’s first commercially available analog, 3-axis, high-g MEMS accelerometer. The ADXL377 measures acceleration of high-impact events resulting from shock and vibration, within the full-scale range of ±200 g with no signal saturation. This measurement range, combined with an analog output that continuously captures impact data, make the ADXL377 an ideal sensor for contact sports where the detection of concussive forces can reveal indictors of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), With a bandwidth of 1600 Hz, the ADXL377 is also ideal for use in industrial equipment where shock levels must be closely monitored. ADI’s new 3-axis accelerometer also eliminates the need for alignment and the placement of orthogonal sensors, which significantly simplifies design. The board space requirement is reduced by up to five times that of typical solutions requiring multiple, single-axis accelerometers ...


Analog Devices, Inc.

Corporate Communications Department,

Three Technology Way,

Norwood, MA 02062, USA

E-mail: edie.kramer@analog.com

ADXL377 high-g MEMS accelerometer



Pressure Sensors for Rugged Applications


MINNEAPOLIS, May 15, 2012 - Honeywell has expanded its industrial pressure sensor portfolio with the new Honeywell IP Series of industrial pressure sensors. This new product line includes two new models, designed to offer reliable, repeatable pressure measurements in a variety of industrial manufacturing environments and applications. Pre-configured with the most popular features and options for typical industrial monitoring applications, Honeywell's Model IPG1 and IPG2 offer robust pressure measurement performance with accuracies of 0.15 % and 0.25 %, respectively ...


Darci DeLain

Honeywell Test and Measurement

Tel.: (763) 954-4035

E-mail: darci.delain@honeywell.com

Industrial pressure sensors



Pipe Clamp Probe for Surface Temperature Measurement


Towcester, UK – May 2102. A new pipe clamp probe, designed as a quick and convenient method of measuring the surface pipe temperatures in industrial process control and boiler control applications is available from Variohm EuroSensor. The 10K3D1217 from Variohm's distribution partner Measurement Specialities Inc. is available in various clip sizes to suit different pipe diameters and is supplied complete with a strain relieved one metre cable and a Molex connector. The NTC probe has a temperature range of -40 ºC to +125 ºC and a nominal resistance of 10 kΩ at 25 ºC, with an accuracy tolerance of +/- 2 % and a time response of less than 5 seconds.  Options include a range of R/T curves and custom accuracy tolerances can be supplied ...


Variohm Eurosensor Limited

Williams' Barns

Tiffield Road

Towcester, Northants, NN12 6HP

Tel.: +44 (0) 1327 351004

E-mail: graham@variohm.com

Temperature probe



New High-Resistance Miniature Foil Strain Gages


MALVERN, Pa. — May 2, 2012 — Vishay Precision Group, Inc. announces the release of a new series of high-resistance miniature foil strain gages through its Micro-Measurements brand. Available in a wide array of configurations including linear, half-bridge, full-bridge, and shear patterns, these miniature strain gages are particularly advantageous in applications that can benefit from their small size and higher resistance. The new strain gages feature a modified-Karma alloy with gold-coated or copper-coated solder tabs, and an epoxy overcoat for grid encapsulation. Built using the same rigorous standards as traditional Micro-Measurements gages, the new line of strain gages is based upon an advanced manufacturing technology that provides high resistance in a small package (10,000 Ω is available in a 1 mm sq. grid area). This small grid area helps to increase transducer output in a number of applications such as pressure sensing. A tight tolerance of ±0.2 percent is typical on resistance values ranging from 1,000 Ω to 20,000 Ω. Self-temperature-compensation is standard and modulus compensation is available. Creep compensation is offered on all miniature strain gage patterns ...


Marti Spalding

Vishay Precision Group Contact
Director, Global MarCom
Tel.: +1 919-374-5515
E-mail: Marti.Spalding@vishaypg.com

Miniature foil strain gages



Triangulation Sensor with High Ambient Light Suppression


The new iC-LO device is a triangulation sensor specifically designed as a system on chip for the assembly of diffuse reflective photoelectric sensors with switching outputs. Thanks to the high integration of the functions, which includes the photodiodes, LED driver, microcontroller interface, signal conditioning circuitry, and signal filter unit, the overall system is extremely small. Besides the iC-LO, all that is needed to create a triangulation measurement setup are a transmitting LED and a low-cost microcontroller ...


Marko Hepp

iC-Haus GmbH,

Am Kuemmerling 18,

55294 Bodenheim, Germany

Tel.: +49 (6135) 9292-302, fax: +49 (6135) 9292-192

E-mail: marko.hepp@ichaus.de

Triangulation sensor



Sensors for a Variety of Vibration Monitoring in Helicopters


The Series 961/960-TX sensors from Columbia Research Labs are designed specifically to monitor vibration generated by military and commercial helicopter engines, transmissions, and airframes. The model 961, single axis, and each sensor in the Model 960-TX, triaxial, feature integrated thick film electronic signal conditioning circuitry which provides high sensitivity, temperature compensation and low impedance output drive capability. These sensor configurations are ideally suited to other vibration monitoring applications such as aircraft modal and structural analysis, shipboard engine vibration monitoring, commercial machinery vibration monitoring and as the primary vibration sensor for all predictive maintenance vibration diagnostic systems ...


Monica Bailey

Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc.

Tel.: 1-800-813-8471

Fax: 610-872-3882

E-mail: sales@crlsensors.com

Vibration sensors



Low-cost Differential Pressure Sensor Features High Measurement Accuracy


Sensirion, the world's leading sensor manufacturer, has launched the SPD500 low-cost positive differential pressure sensor. This fully calibrated and temperature compensated sensor is suitable for measuring differential pressure in the range of 0 to 500 Pa and is able to detect even minute pressure differences (less than 10 Pa). With a zero-point accuracy of 0.2 Pa, the sensor offers both low cost and excellent specifications. Integration of the sensor element and signal conditioning circuitry on a tiny CMOS silicon chip enables noise-free and precise amplification and digitization of sensor signals. As a result, the differential pressure sensor achieves extremely high measurement accuracy and outstanding long-term stability. The underlying CMOSens® technology allows the microchips to be produced in large volume at competitive end-user prices with consistently high quality. With an accuracy of 4.5% of the measured value, zero-point stability and I²C digital output, the new differential pressure sensor is especially suitable for applications in the HVAC industry. Like all other sensors in the SPD600 series, the new sensor is available in two different versions. The SDP500 is designed to be screwed directly to a manifold with O-ring sealing, while the SDP510 is designed for tube connections ...


Sensirion AG,

Staefa, Switzerland,

Tel.: +41 44 306 40 00

Fax: +41 44 306 40 30

E-mail: info@sensirion.com

SPD500 low-cost differential pressure sensors



New RS485 Mini-Signal Conditioning Board Provides Cost-Effective Solution for Control Systems and Tilt Sensors


The Fredericks Company, a leading ISO9001:2008 registered manufacturer of electrolytic tilt sensing and inclinometer products, has announced availability of the RS-485, the newest addition to their Mini-Signal Conditioning Board Series. Specifically designed as a cost-effective solution that can be integrated into larger control systems or used to evaluate Fredericks' comprehensive line of tilt sensors, the RS-485 signal conditioner is a production-ready, microprocessor-based printed circuit board capable of driving one or two Fredericks electrolytic tilt sensors ...


The Fredericks Company,

2400 Philmont Avenue,

Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006-0067

Tel.: 215-947-2500

Fax: 215-947-7464

E-mail: sales@frederickscom.com

Signal Conditioning Board







Sensors & Transducers Special Issues:



S&T Special Issue's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors and Transducers journal's cover

Multisensor Data
and Information Processing

Vol.1, August 2005

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and Systems

Vol.2, October 2007

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Vol.90, April 2008

Microsystems: Technology
and Applications
Vol.3, December 2008
Robotics and Sensors Environments: Special Issue, March 2009 Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover

Robotics and Sensors

Vol.5, March 2009

Modern Sensing
Technologies II

Vol. 6, August 2009

MEMS: from Micro Devices to Wireless Systems

Vol. 7, October 2009

Intelligent Data Acquisition
and Smart Sensors Systems

Vol.8, February 2010

Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Special issue of S&T, February 2011 Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Special_Issue_October_2011.htm

Modern Sensing

Technologies III

Vol. 9, December 2010

Sensor Device Technologies
and Applications

Vol.10, February 2011

Devices and Technologies

Vol.11, April 2011

Nanomaterials & their Composites:
from Fabrication to Applications

Vol.12, October 2011

Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover Sensors & Transducers journal's cover

The next Special Issue

is coming soon ! 

MEMS & NEMS: Design, Fabrication and Applications,

Vol. 13, December 2011

Physical and Chemical Sensors
& Wireless Sensor Networks

Vol.14-1, March 2012 (SENSORDEVICES+CENICS)

 Physical and Chemical Sensors & Wireless Sensor Networks

Vol.14-2, March 2012 (SENSORCOMM)






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