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Digital Sensors and Sensor Sysstems

Vol. 141, No. 6, June 2012, pp.I-II




IFSA Publishing Starts to Publish Hardcover and Paperback Books


International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA)

Tel.: +34 93 401 74 37

E-mail: ifsa@sensorsportal.com




Print book presentation

Taking into account numerous requests from our readers, authors and libraries, the IFSA Publishing alongside with full color e-books in printable, downloadable pdf (Acrobat) format, which can be also rendered into popular Kindle, Sony, Kobo, Nook and iPad e-readers formats starts to publish traditional print hardcover and paperback books.


The first print book in paperback cover, published by IFSA is the Modern Sensors, Transducers and Sensors Network from the Advances in Sensors: Reviews book Series (Vol. 1). As a leading online publisher in sensors related fields, IFSA and its Sensors Web Portal have a great expertise and experience in book marketing and promotion. In addition to this, print books will be also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online retail sites and traditional bookstores.


Recently published book Non-Dispersive Infrared Gas Measurement written by Jacob Y. Wong and Roy L. Anderson will be also available in the print hardcover format soon.


Founded in 1999, IFSA provides the very best information and latest knowledge on today's advancements in sensors and its applications. Following the established tradition in the last months, the IFSA Publishing continues to publish at least one sensors, MEMS or measurements related book per month. In the nearest future, the following titles will be published in two mentioned formats (electronic and printed): Strain Measurement - the first book from the new book Series on Measurement of Physical and Chemical Quantities, which contains supplement media files (videos and interactive flash)


written by Maria Teresa Restivo, Fernando Gomes de Almeida and Maria de Fátima Chouzal - the authors of bestseller Handbook of Laboratory Measurements and Instrumentation; and book titled Air Gauges: Static and Dynamic Characteristics written by Czesław Janusz Jermak and Mirosław Rucki.


Our authors from around the world are experts in their fiels, write for engineers, researchers, educators and students. The IFSA Publishing proposes to our authors highest royalties in the world: 50 % in comparison with 8-11 % royalties from other publishers, and payment on monthly basis compared with other publishers' yearly basis. Why ? Because we are considering our authors not as means to get a profit, but as business partners. One more benefits to be an IFSA Publishing author is quick publication, which normally takes two months in compared with other publishers' 5-18 month schedule.


And one more good news. Since 2013 our Sensors & Transducers journal (ISSN 1726-5479) will be also available in print format with full color illustrations (for the first time in the world for sensors related research journals).


I invite you to share the benefits of being an IFSA author and submit your book proposal for consideration. Our goal is to add value of your ideas by offering feedback from experts, worldwide visibility and significant author benefits including a profit after publication. Please contact: editor@sensorsportal.com




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Dr. Sergey Y. Yurish,




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