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Vol. 78, Issue 4, April 2007, pp. 1073-1082




A Novel Control System Design for Vibrational MEMS Gyroscopes


Qing Zheng, Lili Dong*, Zhiqiang Gao

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH 44115, USA

*Tel.: 1-216-6875312, Fax: 1-216-6875405, E-mail: L.Dong34@csuohio.edu



Received: 31 March 2007 /   Accepted: 20 April 2007 /   Published: 23 April 2007


Abstract: There are two major control problems associated with vibrational MEMS gyroscopes: to control two vibrating axes (or modes) of the gyroscope, and to estimate a time-varying rotation rate. This paper demonstrates how a novel active disturbance rejection control addresses these problems in the presence of the mismatch of natural frequencies between two axes, mechanical-thermal noises, Quadrature errors, and parameter variations. A demodulation approach based on the estimated dynamics of the system by an extended state observer is used to estimate the rotation rate. The simulation results on a Z-axis MEMS gyroscope show that the controller is very effective by driving the output of the drive axis to a desired trajectory, forcing the vibration of the sense axis to zero for a force-to-rebalance operation and precisely estimating the rotation rate.


Keywords: MEMS gyroscopes, time-varying rotation rate estimation, active disturbance rejection control, extended state observer


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