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Vol. 83, Issue 9, September 2007, pp.1564-1573




Performance Enhancement of the Patch Antennas Applying Micromachining Technology



Mohamed N. Azermanesh, Ebrahim Abbaspour-Sani, Kaveh Purmokhtar

Urmia University, Faculty of electrical engineering


E-mail: e.abbaspour@mail.urmia.ac.ir



Received: 1 July 2007   /Accepted: 17 September 2007   /Published: 24 September 2007


Abstract: This paper reports on the application of micromachining technology for performance enhancement of two types of compact antennas which are becoming a common practice in microsystems. Shorted patch antennas (SPA) and folded shorted patch antennas operating in the 5-6 GHz ISM band, with intended application in short-range wireless communications, are considered. The electrical length of antennas are modified by etching the substrate of the antennas, thus providing a new degree of freedom to control the antenna operating properties, which is the main novelty of our work. The gain and bandwidth of the antennas are increased by increasing the etching depth. However, etching the substrate affects the operating frequency as well. To keep the operating frequency at a pre-specified value, the dimension of the antennas must be increased by deepening the etching depth. Therefore, a trade off between the performance enhancement of the antennas and the dimensional enlargement is required.


Keywords: Shorted patch antenna, Folded shorted patch antenna, Micromachining, Wireless microsystems


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