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Vol. 64, Issue 2, February 2006, pp. 483-489




A Sensitive Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Based on a Charge-Transfer Complex Modified Electrode


TU Yifeng 

Institute of Analytical Chemistry, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 

Dushu Lake Campus, Suzhou University, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou, 215006, P.R.China 

Tel: 86-512-65880356; Fax: 86-512-65101162; E-mail: tuyf@suda.edu.cn 



Received: 28 January 2006 /Accepted: 24 February 2006 /Published: 27 February 2006


Abstract: A charge-transfer complex was modified on the graphite paste electrode for making a sensitive dissolved oxygen sensor. It was composed of copper with two ligands of phenanthroline and 1,2-dicyano-1,2-dithiol- ethane. Because of the low redox potential of the core ion and the pull and repulsive effect from the ligands, the redox of modified complex toke place under lower potential and it could selectively catalyze the reduction of dissolved oxygen. The slope of the chronocoulometric curve of the sensor proportionally responded on the content of dissolved oxygen from 0 to 16 mg/L within 12 seconds. It was applied to detect the dissolved oxygen in tape water and the campus river for 3.0mg/L and 5.1mg/L. This sensor responded the dissolved oxygen with high selectivity, wide linear range, high accuracy, excellent stability and fast speed. Its very possible to act as a practical sensor for the detection of dissolved oxygen in field.


Keywords: Dissolved oxygen, Sensor, Charge-transfer complex, Chemical modification


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