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Vol. 132, Issue 9, September 2011, pp.151-159




Aluminum-Selective Electrode Based on (1E,2E)-N1,N2- dihydroxy )-N1,N2- bis (4-hydroxy phenyl) Oxalimidamide
as a Neutral Carrier


cAghaie M., a Esfandyar Baghdar, b Fekri Lari F., d Ali Kakanejadifard, e* Aghaie H.

a, b Ph.D.Student, Department of Chemistry,Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

cFaculty of Chemistry, North Tehran Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran

dOrganic Chemistry, No30, Amiri Alley, Motahary Street, Khorramabad, Iran
Tel.: 6813887668, 09161610244

eDepartment of Chemistry,Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran,

E-mail: esfandyarbaghdar@yahoo.com, faranakfekri@yahoo.com, marmin20042000@yahoo.com, Alikakanejadifard@yahoo.com, hn_aghaie@yahoo.com



Received: 11 May 2011   /Accepted: 19 September 2011   /Published: 27 September 2011

Handbook of Laboaratory Measurements book


Abstract: A synthesized,(1E,2E)-N1, N2- dihydroxy-N1, N2-bis (4-hydroxyphenyl) oxalimidamide (DBO) , has been used as an ionophore in order to preparation of a new ion-selective electrode. An optimized membrane was prepared by mixing of 70 mg PVC powdered, 2 mg of considered ionophore, 100 mg of plasticizer and 2 mg of additive. The sensor exhibits reversible potential responses with an almost Nernstian slope for Al3+ ions in the concentration range from 1.0 ´ 10-6 M to 1.30´10-1 M. The limit of detection (LOD) was 2.50 ´ 10-7 M The electrode’s response is independent of pH in the range of 3.2-7.8. The response time of the electrode is about 15 s and can be used for 50 days without any divergence in potential. The practical application of the electrode was tested by using it as indicator electrode to determine the end point in the potentiometric titration of Al3+ with EDTA solution.


Keywords: Ionophore; Additive; Limit of detection; Ion-selective electrode; Nernstian slope


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