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Spesial Issue, August 2005, pp. 381-389




Hough Radar Detectors in Conditions of Intensive Pulse Jamming





Institute of Information Technologies, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,

Acad. G. Bonchev Str., bl. 2, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria

E-mail: ckabakchiev@iit.bas.bg; ldoukovska@iit.bas.bg; igarvanov@iit.bas.bg


Received: 21 July 2005      Accepted:  12 August 2005     Published: 17 August 2005


Abstract: We study in the present paper the radar, which can be considered as a part of a multi-sensor data fusion system. To improve the quality of the detection process, a detailed statistical analysis is performed and several detection algorithms are presented. These algorithms can be divided into two groups conventional and ones using Hough transform. The benefits in the average detection threshold gained by Hough transform application are expressed as signal-to-noise ratio. The aim of this paper is to present and summarize the results described in other contributions and to consider some new ones. We assume that the target echo signal fluctuates according to Swerling models (Swerling I, II, III), the randomly arriving impulse interference is with a Poisson distribution of the probability for appearance and the amplitudes are with a Rayleigh distribution. The profits (losses) are determined as a statistical estimation by means of the probability characteristics of both types of detectors, obtained in Matlab. The achieved results show that Hough transform is very effective in conditions of intensive pulse jamming.


Keywords: Radar detector, Hough transform, Cell Averaging Constant False Alarm Rate (CA CFAR) detector, Adaptive Post Integration (API CFAR) detector, Adaptive Decision Threshold (ADT).


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