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Level Sensor Provides Fast Delivery

and Simplified Installation


CARY, N.C — MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division’s MC420 Liquid-Level sensor has simplified the process of implementing a liquid-level sensor for applications such as water treatment, petrochemical and chemical processing. Part of the M-Series, the MC420 is available in a limited variety of pre-determined lengths, is packaged with its own float, and is shipped with its own magnet to allow for easy two-step calibration. The sensors are delivered in approximately one week.


“The MC420 is designed for a customer who is familiar with the high accuracy and high repeatability of MTS’ magnetostrictive technology and who wants to employ that same technology in a straightforward level application without the fuss or expense of customization,” said Adrian Totten, MTS Marketing & Sales Manager.


 Easy two-step calibration is accomplished, without removing the electronic housing, by using the MTS-supplied magnet. Standard calibration can also be completed using the HART® interface. Like all M-Series sensors, the MC420 uses a magnetostrictive design and has only one moving part—the float. This simple design ensures that no scheduled maintenance or recalibration is required.

MC420 level transmitters offer 4-20 mA loop-powered circuitry for level measurement, and are available in lengths from 20 inches to 18 feet. They are ideal for applications such as general process control, batching tanks, inorganic chemicals, fuels and solvents, industrial chemicals, detergents and soaps, lubricating oils and interface measurement.


The MC420 can be installed in applications with process temperatures between    -30°F and 248°F (-34 to 120 °C). A NEMA Type 4X-rated electronics housing of 316L stainless steel provides protection against corrosion and is available permanently sealed or with a screw closure to allow access for maintenance.



Adrian Totten, MTS
Marketing & Sales Manager

3001 Sheldon Drive, Cary NC, 27513
Tel.: 919-677-2332, fax. 919-677-0200
E-mail: adrian.totten@mts.com


MC420 Liquid-Level sensor




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