Bullet Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, Vol. 66, Issue 4, April 2006: MEMS Market Trends

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Evaluation of the Business Potential and Reality of MEMS Applications in Mobile Phones Market



Announced since years, MEMS devices are entering step by step into the mobile phone business and they are key devices to leverage these new functions. Linked to that, the main industrial companies are now entering the MEMS fields to take part in this growing business. According to new estimation, the market will reach 750 M$ in 2009. The report is bringing a lot of value both to MEMS manufacturers, suppliers to MEMS manufacturers and system manufacturers in order to understand the business potential, the technology status and who is doing what for strategic and marketing decision making.


In 2005, Yole Développement released our first report on the analysis of the MEMS applications for the mobile phone industry. Since our first analysis, a lot of things happened on the market. MEMS devices for mobile phones analyzed in the report include:

  • Silicon microphone

  •  3D accelerometers

  •  6 DOF IMU

  • Gyroscope for camera stabilisation and GPS

  • Microfuel cell

  • Chemical and Biochip


  • Enhanced auto focus and micro zoom



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MEMS for mobile market evaluation



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