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Magnetic Rotary Encoder System-on-Chip



Austriamicrosystems is providing its AS5040 small size 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder IC to encoder specialist Megatron Elektronik AG & Co. The AS5040 will be included in a broad range of the Megatron’s next-generation contactless rotary encoder products.


The innovative AS5040 magnetic rotary encoder IC is a true system-on-chip (SoC) integrating field sensing Hall elements, analog front-end and digital signal processing. The rotary position is contactlessly sensed by a small rotating magnet that is placed above the device. The AS5040 can detect 1,024 absolute positions in a full turn, which corresponds to a resolution of 0.35 degrees. 


Because of its contactless measurement method, the AS5040 is ideally suited for harsh environments. It is highly reliable and immune to adverse environmental conditions such as dust, moisture, vibration and even unwanted magnetic fields. Additional features include a user programmable zero/index position and a safety feature that monitors for the presence of the magnet


"We are very excited about the business opportunities for our encoder product family based around austriamicrosystems innovative AS5040," said Thomas Kunz-Vizenetz, CEO of Megatron. "Thanks to excellent support from austriamicrosystems and the AS5040 competitive edge, we are well placed to provide robust, cost-efficient solutions."





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