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Load Cells with Built-in Analog and Digital Electronics


Industrial machine manufacturers usually need to measure forces and weights that sometimes are mis-aligned along the load cells measuring axis and also need to transmit the measured data to a PLC or computer without electrical noise and with high resolution.


DS Europe, that has been manufacturing industrial transducers for more than 30 years,  in order to satisfy these needs is proposing off-center load cells series 500QD that reduce the errors due to force misaligments and can optionally have a built-in analog (outputs: 5V, 10V and 4-20mA) or digital (outputs: CAN open, RS485 and RS422) electronics. Measuring ranges are: from 0 to 2-3-6-12-25-60-110-220-330-550-1000-2000Kg.


The electronics inside 500QD load cells is mechanically protected, It is electrically shielded and avoids the cost and bulkiness of an external electronics.


Built-in analog electronics is pre-calibrated by DS Europe, It amplifies the signal with zero and gain settings and It allows a good resolution because of good signal/noise ratio.


Digital electronics allows the following advantages: data transmission immune to electrical noise, high resolution (A/D converter 24 bit max.), high sampling rate (960Hz max.), precalibrated, and easy cabling.


Applications: automatic assembling machines, weighing systems, textile machines, medical machines, automatic testing machines, injection molding presses, machine tools, vehicles, packaging machines, marble machines, ceramic machines, research application etc.




Dott. Dario Piardi

DS Europe S.r.l.

Via F. Russoli, 6, 20143 Milano, Italy

Tel.: 02/8910142, fax: 02/89124848

E-mail: dseurope@dseurope.com

Load Cells

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