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Strain Gauges Monitoring Over USB


Windmill Software Ltd announces their 751 SBox which lets a PC monitor four strain gauges. It connects to the computer over a USB cable and comes with the Windmill data acquisition and control software suite. Windmill designed the SBox to be really easy to set-up and use. Putting everything in just one box means that it is ideal for mobile applications, or for moving from place to place.


When the Windmill software takes a reading from a strain gauge bridge, it automatically monitors excitation voltage and calculates the measurement in microstrain. This eliminates errors due to changes in excitation voltage. Users can also set a zero reference level and monitor changes relative to that level. An integrating analogue-to-digital converter reduces noise and the system automatically recalibrates itself.


The 751 SBox accepts four easily-connected bridges in quarter or half bridge configuration.


The modular Windmill software runs under Windows and offers data logging, charting, alarm indication and output control. Data can also be exported in real-time to other applications like Excel. Other Windmill programs are available such as process mimic generators and programming tools.






Windmill Software Ltd.

PO Box 58

North District Office

Manchester, M8 8QR, UK

Tel: +44 161 833 2782

E-mail: sales@windmill.co.uk

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