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Thermocouple Sensor Measures Extreme Temperatures


Bangkok, Thailand – 26 March 2007. AKCP Inc., introduced a new sensor for its sensorProbe8Linux and cameraProbe8 line of products.


AKCP Thermocouple Sensor for Industrial Applications The new AKCP Thermocouple sensor developed in AKCP’s research and development labs in Bangkok has the ability of measuring extreme temperatures and will broaden the sensorProbe8Linux and cameraProbe8’s monitoring capability which includes extensive data-logging, graphing, remote monitoring and out of threshold notifications.


AKCP believes by introducing this new Thermocouple sensor, it will open up new possibilities for measuring temperatures in dangerous or harsh environments in heavy industries such as petrochemical and metal processing. Other uses for this AKCP Thermocouple sensor apart from manufacturing and industrial purposes include the cryogenics field, superconductor research & development, semiconductor development and scientific research.


The AKCP Thermocouple is TCP/IP enabled and allows temperature monitoring over a TCP/IP network or the Internet. The AKCP Thermocouple sensor plugs into any existing sensorProbe8Linux or cameraProbe8 products via a standard RJ-45 connector. It can be easily configured via the web-based interface to monitor and to set alerts based on user-defined thresholds.


The new AKCP type K Thermocouple sensor has the ability to measure temperatures from -270 Celsius (-454 Fahrenheit) to 1372 Celsius (2501 Fahrenheit). The AKCP Thermocouple sensor which is 0.61m by 4.5mm (sheath diameter) features a response time of 0.5 seconds. It has a range of up to 1000 feet (305 meters) in most cases and is fully compatible with any of the sensorProbe8Linux and cameraProbe8 product lines.


About the sensorProbe8Linux and the cameraProbe8 AKCP's sensorProbe8Linux and cameraProbe8 is a high-speed, accurate, intelligent, SNMP-enabled, web-based environmental and security monitoring device. Both devices have an embedded Linux operating system and also have the ability to connect up to 4 cameras for security monitoring, software motion-detection and video conferencing. The intelligent notification system can send email, SMS, MMS, audio/visual alerts and even make a phone call to announce the alert. The AKCP cameraProbe8 has an integrated high-resolution CCD camera from Sony capable of stunning low-light capture capabilities with Auto White Balance.

Thermocouple Sensor


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Jim Jeffords

AKCP Co., Ltd.

Office 9A, Wang Dek Building,

19/1-2 Vibhavadi Rangsit Road,

Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand.

Tel: +66-2-617-8998

E-mail: marketing@akcp.com



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