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3-channel DC Sensor Signal Conditioner for New Series 3991/3993 High Amplitude 20,000 g MEMS Shock Accelerometers



April 11, 2008, Depew, NY, USA – PCB Piezotronics (PCB®) has introduced Model 478A30, a 3-channel DC sensor signal conditioner with selectable gain. This model is designed to be compatible with new Series 3991/3993 high amplitude 20,000 g MEMS DC response shock accelerometers, and providing the end user with a MEMS-based high-g shock measurement system, with frequency range from DC to 150k Hz.


The significant feature of this device is its automatic zero adjustment capability for elimination of a sensor’s inherent DC offset voltage. Model 478A30 features three independent operating channels with individual excitation voltage, selectable excitation voltage levels from 0-14 VDC; differential output and gain adjustment from 0 to 999.9, as well as BNC output connectors, for easy hookup to readout and recording instruments. The unit may also be used with Series 3741 DC response accelerometers.


Common applications for a high amplitude measurement system which includes Series 3991/3993 and the accompanying Model 478A30 DC sensor signal conditioner include fuze/safe & arm testing applications; drop testing; consumer electronic products testing; metal-to metal-impacts; penetrator tests, blast loading of structures; weapons data recorder testing; and crash and impact testing. Model 478A30 is also a stock product, available for expedited delivery. For detailed product specifications, drawings or additional information, please visit www.pcb.com.






Ms. Molly Bakewell

Global Public Relations, Advertising & Image Manager

PCB Piezotronics

3425 Walden Avenue

Depew, NY  14043-2495 USA

Tel.: +716 684 0002 ext. 2663

Fax: +716 684-0987

E-mail: mbakewell@pcb.com

3-channel DC sensor signal conditioner 478A30






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