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Torque Wrench Calibration System



Sensor Developments' torque verification system 90229 is designed for calibrating tools used to apply torque including electric and pneumatic power tools, torque sensors, hand and click wrenches. The strain gage based reaction torque sensors in the bench-mount housing remain stationary while torque is applied. The housing dis-assembles by removing two snap pins, allowing the user to easily change socket sizes and capacities. Data collection is achieved using one of our three standard instrument systems, covering simple peak and track measurements to detailed QC reports on your PC.


SDI’s 90229 consists of a set of interchangeable torque sensors supplied with ISO-17025 accredited calibration certificates, a bench mountable stand, and a plug and play display instrument. The sensors are available in various torque ranges ranging from 50in-lbs to 3000in-lbs (6Nm to 339Nm).



System includes:

  • Data collection instrument; USB Sensor Link (model 90386), PMAC 2000 (Model 90222), or PTI (Model 90323)

  • Choice of two 01190 socket extension torque sensors, with Auto-ID for easy interchangeability

  • Bench mounted housing



Ken Winczner

Sales Manager

Sensor Developments

1050 W. Silver Bell Rd

Orion, MI 48359 USA

Tel.: 248-391-3000

Fax: 248-391-0107

E-mail: sales@sendev.com

Torque verification system 90229




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