Bullet Sensors & Transducers e-Digest, Vol. 70, Issue 8, August 2007: Product News

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0-40MHz Self-Clocking ADCs Deliver 105 dB Dynamic Range with Integrated PGA



Xignal Technologies invites to preview the XT11201 (12-bit) and XT11401 (14-bit) ADCs. The devices feature on-chip programmable gain amplifiers and deliver 105dB usable dynamic range with only 75mW power consumption. Here are the product highlights:


  • Enable halving of system size and power compared with pipeline converters

  • -8 dB to +44 dB PGA gain range in 0.5 dB steps

  • Static and dynamic modes of PGA operation, dynamic mode enabled by on-chip gain step timer and memory

  • High overall SNR: 72 dB XT11201; 76 dB XT11401

  • Input referred noise of 4 nV/√Hz

  • On-chip precision clock - minimal eliminates external clock components

  • On-chip gain memory stores up to 1024 gain values

  • No anti-alias filters needed

  • No differential buffer amplifier needed, supports operation from both differential and single-ended signal sources

  • 1.2V supply voltage

  • Pin compatible with Xignal's XT11400 & XT11200 12 and 14-bit ADCs


These products are sampling now and evaluation kits will be made available by the end of August 2006.





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ADC XT11401





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