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Humidity and Temperature Hand-Held HUMIPORT 05



The new HUMIPORT 05 from E+E Elektronik provides the mobile precise measurement of relative humidity and temperature in the ranges of 595% RH and -2050C (-4122F). Furthermore dew point, absolute humidity and mixing ratio can be shown on the very well readable display.


In spite of the compact dimensions of a mobile phone the HUMIPORT 05 offers easy handling with the proven thumb-wheel switch. That makes sure that the whole operation of the hand-held can be performed with only one hand.


The measured values can be displayed as SI- or as US-units. Moreover the HUMIPORT 05 provides helpful features like MIN / MAX and AVG indication as well as a HOLD-function.


The possibility of a 1-point humidity and temperature calibration ensures precise measurements in the long run.


Typical applications for the HUMIPORT 05 are for example the mobile climate monitoring of buildings, switching cabinets, museums and storehouses. That ruggedly designed hand-held can be additionally protected by a handy protective bag with a belt loop.






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