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Subminiature SMT Piezoresistive Accelerometers


Endevco Corporation,  announced the introduction of its new model 71 series surface mount accelerometer, a new subminiature addition to their existing line of industry leading high shock sensors for the most extreme aerospace and test and measurement applications.


The Endevco model 71 series of subminiature SMT piezoresistive accelerometers features a rugged, undamped design for shock measurements from 6,000 to 60,000g and sensitivities from 3 to 30 uV/g. The internal sensing system is micro-machined from a single piece of silicon and includes the inertial mass and strain gages arranged in an active, four-arm, Wheatstone bridge circuit complete with an innovative on-chip zero balance network. The low mass, extremely small size and unique construction of the sensing element blends an exceptionally high resonant frequency with characteristics such as low output impedance, high over range and zero damping for no phase shift.


The high resonant frequency of these sensors permits their survival in the presence of the high frequency components in a shock pulse that would shatter the seismic system of lower quality accelerometers. With resonant frequencies from 180kHz to 700kHz and zero damping, the 71 series responds accurately to the fast-rise-time, short-duration shock events typical of munitions fusing, kinetic impact testing and high shock component test applications.


With a frequency response extending down to dc, these transducers are ideal for measurement of long duration transients. And they permit integration of the acceleration data to obtain velocity and displacement measurements. 


"The model 71 is an excellent example of Endevco's transducer engineering team and our MEMS manufacturing team working closely together to develop the type of unique, high-performance solution for a very challenging application which Endevco is known for," stated Bruce Putman, Market Segment Director, Aerospace and Defense.

SMT piezoresistive accelerometer





Yeni Hoo

Senior Marketing Communications Specialist,


Tel.: 949.493.8181

E-mail: yeni.hoo@endevco.com



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