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MEMS Pirani Vacuum Sensors Establish New Price-Performance Standards



San Jose, CA, USA – Posifa Microsystems, Inc., a leader in Advanced MEMS Sensor Development, today unveiled its new line of MEMS Pirani Vacuum Sensors targeted at HVAC and industrial applications. The PVC 1000 family embodies the latest MEMS innovations, and offer a breakthrough vacuum measurement solution that enhances miniaturization while delivering ultra-low power consumption, long lifetime, fast response time, and low cost.


Based on the principal that the thermal conductivity of gases is proportional to pressure in the low vacuum range, the Posifa sensors measure minute changes in resistance to a heated element resulting from heat transfer to the surrounding gas. The heated element (measurement resistor) consists of a platinum thin-film resistor residing on a thermal insulating membrane.


The membrane is suspended over a micro-machined cavity that is 25 μm in depth and has a bottom surface that is parallel to the membrane, ensuring precision measurement of heat transfer. Due to the minute volume of the gas measured (the volume within the cavity), the Posifa sensors deliver ultra-low power consumption and fast response time.


The miniaturization of the Pirani technology using MEMS is emerging as an industry standard due to reliability, low cost, ease of use and ultra-low power consumption. Posifa’s PVC1000 series of MEMS Pirani Vacuum Sensors help customers leverage this trend to improve their existing products and to develop innovative new products.


Featuring ultra-low power consumption of < 5 mW while maintaining fast response time of < 5m Sec., the devices are also shock resistance to 1,000g make them very suitable for gas volume as low as 0.1 cm3


Applications include:


Analytical instruments, leak detection in any closed system maintained under primary vacuum, vacuum packing machines, portable digital vacuum gauges, small mechanical systems (e.g. pumping) to achieve specified vacuum levels and low cost vacuum switches to verify vacuum from 10 millitorr to 30 torr



Samples are available now in 4 lead TO-5 and 4 lead TO-46 metal can packages and can be ordered directly from the Posifa Microsystems. Since Pirani sensors often require unique packaging to accommodate the diverse applications into which they can be used. Posifa offers design services to customize the packaging of the sensors element, including the necessary cabling and connectors as specified by our customers.


Pricing: 1,000 piece price for the TO-5 packaged device; PVC1001:  $12.50 ea.



About Posifa Microsystems, Inc.


Posifa Microsystems, Inc. headquartered in the heart of the Silicon Valley, provides advanced MEMS sensors, both in die and in packaged forms, to OEM customers worldwide.  The former stealth-mode company spent years developing new and innovative sensor designs while refining manufacturing technologies that improve the performance and reduces cost. Posifa’s efforts have resulted in the advancement of performance at low cost that is required for high volume applications.                                 

From design to final production, Posifa Microsystems, Inc. offers standard and custom sensor solutions for a wide variety of customers, providing cost effective, high performance sensor devices to meet their challenging design requirements.  Posifa Microsystems, Inc is a privately held company with headquarters in San Jose, Calif. For more information, please visit www.posifamicrosystems.com








Peng Tu
Vice President Business Development

 Posifa Microsystems, Inc.

1925 Zanker Rd.,

San Jose CA 95112, USA
Tel.: +1-650-465-4985

E-mail: ptu@posifamicrosystems.com

Web: http://www.posifamicrosystems.com

MEMS Pirani Vacuum Sensor PVC 1000



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