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Flexible C-Series Sensor Provides Curvilinear Measurement


CARY, N.C - MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division has enhanced its C-Series sensor to provide precise curvilinear measurements in relevant applications. Featuring a new face and side sealing on the core plastic housing, the Flexible C-Series provides a greater versatility in installation options such as rotating shafts, balances, steering assemblies and other applications where less than 270 degrees of rotation needs to be monitored.

“Previously, magnetostrictive sensors did not meet the size requirements of many light-industrial and commercial applications,” said Jesse Russell, MTS Temposonics Commercial Product Marketing Manager.  “The C-Series sensor is the smallest magnetostrictive position sensor available.  In addition to being in a package specifically designed and priced to fit commercial and light-industrial applications, the flexible shaft allows further installation in applications where curvilinear measurement is required.”


The C-Series’ modular architecture is built upon a base Core sensor to which additional application-specific features can be added as dictated by the application. This allows customers to avoid costs that are unnecessary for their application, while also allowing them to integrate the sensor completely into their specific product packaging.


When more robust environmental protection is required by the application, the modular design of the C-Series sensor allows for the addition of standardized IP67 rated packaging that effectively houses the Core sensor.  The IP67 housing also allows for a larger measurement range for liquid-level applications when using the standard stainless steel float. This housing can also be curved to fit special application needs.


The C-Series Core sensor has an optional 5 and 12 volt supply module that allows the system to support changing supply requirements within a given application with a single part number.


 “The compact size and optimized cost of the C-Series Core sensor makes it an ideal choice to replace older technology sensors, such as linear potentiometers and LVDTs,” said Jesse Russell, Commercial Product Marketing Manager, MTS Sensors Division. “The C-Series sensor brings immediate benefits to the customer, including lower costs due to the elimination of expensive signal conditioning and higher reliability due to the non-contact nature of magnetostrictive sensor technology.” 


The flexible C-Series modular magnetostrictive sensor is ideal for embedding into applications such as medical systems, professional tools and recreational equipment.


C-Series Sensor





Jesse Russell,

MTS TemposonicsCommerical

Product Marketing Manager

Tel.: 919-677-0100

E-mail: jesse.russell@mts.com



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