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Parylene Protective Coating



Parylene is a polymer film which is applied in thin layers (50nm - 50m) to the specimen in a gaseous form under vacuum. The result is a protective coating with unsurpassable characteristics compared to other methods, such as protective lacquers and with outstanding properties. It is a well proven technique since over 40 years and has been used primarily in military and space technology applications.



Typical applications are:

  • Electronic devices in tough environments

  • Piezo actuators

  • MEMS

  • Microwave electronics

  • Electrical isolation (200 volts/m)

  • Sensors in tough environments

  • Transparency, could be of optical quality

  • Space and military electronics for maximum durability endurance

  • Corrosion protection of metallic surfaces, heat exchangers, etc.

  • Reinforcement of micro structures, bond wires

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Environmental protection for key pads, rubber, plastics, etc.

  • Reduction of friction for rubber and plastics

  • RoHS compliant

  • Medical technology (Approved and has a USPXXII, Class VI Bio compatibility rating




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