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Low-cost, High Output Accelerometer for Vehicle Crash and Impact Test Applications


The Endevco model 7285 utilizes a high-output, micro-machined, monolithic sensing element which features integrated mechanical stops to deliver the most rugged, reliable and trusted measurement data available for crash test applications. With a frequency response of 0-4000 Hz, extending down to dc (steady state acceleration), it is ideal for measuring long duration transient shocks. This adhesive mount accelerometer also features a static acceleration limit of 10,000 g and operating temperature range of 0ºF to +150ºF. This undamped device also features a resonant frequency in excess of 20kHz and has the lowest phase shift available to deliver unequaled performance.


Automotive crash tests typically last less than one second which requires interrogation of the widest possible frequency range to obtain the most accurate picture of the event. The 7285 delivers this performance without inducing signal-phase shifts as found in other competitive products which can “muddy” the data resulting in hidden inaccuracies that may render expensive test data useless. By providing an un-damped design with a high resonant frequency, the Endevco 7285 avoids these inaccuracies and reduces the risks and costs associated with repeating expensive tests. In addition to delivering superior reliability and performance, the 7285’s economical price provides the lowest total-cost-of-ownership solution for crush applications available.


“With its combination of superior performance and low cost, the new model 7285 accelerometer exemplifies Endevco’s decades of experience and dedication to the crash test industry,” stated David Bucka, Endevco Automotive Market Segment Manager.  “As a result, the reliability of the 7285 ensures that critical data is recorded when needed and at significantly lower cost. It is the latest innovation in our ongoing commitment to helping our customers in the automotive industry achieve accurate, efficient testing processes and maximize public safety.”


The new 7285 crush sensor and the recently released 7264D crash sensor provide automotive safety experts with a complete product offering to help them meet challenging measurement regulations and improve automotive safety.  Both devices include MEMS sensing elements designed and manufactured at the Endevco MEMS facility in Sunnyvale, California, which has been designing and manufacturing advanced sensing elements since the early 1960’s.

Accelerometer 7285 series



Yeni Hoo,

Senior Communications Specialist

ENDEVCO Corporation

Tel.:949.493.8181 x242

E-mail: yeni.hoo@endevco.com



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