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Triaxial Accelerometer SMB380 Talented Digital Sensor for New Applications


With the new SMB380 acceleration sensor, Bosch Sensortec is adding an extremely small digital sensor with a customized setting function to its product line of triaxial sensors. The SMB380, which is also specifically developed for consumer electronics, is Bosch Sensortec's fifth sensor within 18 months. The SMB380 is especially suitable for human machine interfaces (HMI), free-fall detection, as well as mobile and ultra-low-power applications. The sensor will be available as an engineering sample from January 2007. Bosch Sensortec plans to start series production in June 2007.


By introducing the SMB380, Bosch Sensortec is consistently expanding its product range towards miniaturized sensors. In comparison with the current generation, its size is reduced by 50 percent. Measuring only 3 mm x 3 mm x 0.9 mm, the SMB380 fits into even the smallest mobile devices. Its current consumption of less than 200 A is a benchmark in the market. The new sensor offers several special features, such as a programmable interrupt pin.


The sensor supports customer products in evaluating movement profiles and in releasing reactions via an interrupt line. The sensor logic can be configured with the help of a programmable interrupt pin to analyze high-g or low-g thresholds or to recognize gentle movements.


This, for example, can be used for detecting vibrations or free-fall. Another broad field of application is opened up by a special operation mode. Despite the very low current consumption, this mode can detect acceleration or activate the interrupt function for example, to wake up a mobile phone from its battery-saving sleep mode.


The SMB380 generates a 10 bit output signal which is transmitted via a serial interface that is programmable in I2C or SPI mode. In addition, the sensor features an interrupt signal. Different measurement ranges can be configured using the serial interface: 2 g, 4 g, and 8 g.


The extremely low-current SMB380 sensor consumes only 1 A in standby and less than 200 A in operation mode. This offers various new fields of application for mobile devices. Several applications can be realized at the same time using only a single sensor, e.g. menu scrolling as well as free-fall detection. In addition, current consumption can be reduced even further thanks to the programmable measurement function.

Triaxial Accelerometer SMB380



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