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24V DC-LVDT Gaging Probes Offer Industry’s Highest Linearity


Pennsauken, NJ, February 2, 2007 - Macro Sensors, introduces a line of 24V spring-loaded position sensors that offer the industry’s most accurate position measurement with maximum linearity error of +0.10% of full scale output.  Available in ranges of 0.100 inches (2.5 mm) to 4.00 inches (100 mm), the American-made GHSE/GHSER 750 Series sensor is offered in a ready-to-use package for position measurement in gaging applications.  Units can be installed in hostile environments, while their wiring is connected to power supplies, indicators and controllers located in remote, safe environments.


Units consist of a spring-loaded sleeve bearing that results in measurement repeatability of 0.000025 inches (0.6 µm). The spring-loaded assembly, along with a 1/2-20 threaded front end, makes mechanical set-up of the sensor into automated machinery less complicated and more cost effective than other sensor configurations.   Electrical termination of the GHSE 750 Model is made through a sealed axial connector while the electrical termination for the GHSER 750 is through a radially-mounted sealed connector for a much reduced installed length.


The probe shaft fully extends by a spring exerting a nominal force of 6 to 20 ounces, depending upon total range.  As an air extend, spring-retract unit, the probe shaft of Macro Sensors’ GHSE/GHSER 750-A gaging probes fully extends when pressurized by air but retracts to get out of the way during unloading/unloading operations or to provide clearance for products on an assembly line.


Built-in electronics result in a position sensor that operates from DC inputs of 15-24V DC and generates a pre-calibrated 0-10 Volt DC output. The output from the GHSE 750 Series is designed to operate with most PLCs, digital indicators, data acquisition systems. Units can be operated directly from a typical PLC’s 24 Volt power, providing added convenience on the shop floor.


Constructed entirely of stainless steel, these hermetically-sealed 19 mm diameter sensors provide long service life in various industrial uses such as industrial gaging systems, electronic dial indicators, fabricated metal products gaging, materials testing apparatus as well as large shaft TIR measurement. Hermetically sealed LVDT-based gaging probes can withstand the effects of dirt, water, steam and other corrosive elements without effecting its performance.

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Jean Carl

PR Consultant

Macro Sensors

U.S. Route 130 North, Bldg. 22,

Pennsauken, NJ  08110-1541

Tel: 610-565-2288, fax: 856-317-1005

E-mail: fjcarl@comcast.net



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