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Infrared Thermometer INFROS 201



Sensing and instrumentation specialists Vydas International has announced the launching of a new lightweight infrared thermometer for non contact temperature measurements. Manufactured by Ditel, the low cost INFROS 201 infrared thermometer monitors the target object surface temperature without any physical contact. It is simple to use, just aim at the object and pull the trigger. As with all Ditel's products, it carries a three year warranty.


The temperature is measured in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, on the basis of the emitted infrared radiation from the target object. Because of their ability to measure the surface temperature contactless, these infrared thermometers enable the user to detect the temperature of inaccessible or moving objects without any difficulty. Useful for checking the temperature of pipes, pumps, engines, machines, conveyers etc.


The INFROS 201 infrared thermometer has a narrow beam, high optical resolution of 20:1, is very easy to use and can be taken with you wherever you go as it is lightweight and fits easily into your shirt pocket. At distances up to 140mm, this infrared thermometer offers fast 0.3 second scanning of cold and hot spots and precise measurement of target objects as small as 13 mm. These infrared thermometers combine convenience and simplicity of operation with precise measurement and an informative display. The product can be used in ambient temperatures from 0C up to 50C and it can measure accurate temperatures over a wide range from -32C to +420C. Integrated laser sighting helps accuracy when aiming at target objects.


The INFROS 201 offers various measurement features such as minimum and maximum value, hold function, high and low alarms and provides you with all available information on a three-line backlit display.

Infrared Thermometer INFROS 201



Cliff Wyatt


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