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Miniature Dynamic Pressure Sensors for Diesel & Gas Engine Combustion


January 22, 2007, Depew, NY, USA - PCB Piezotronics, Inc. has introduced Series 105, a new family of ICP miniature dynamic pressure sensors, ideal for monitoring dynamic combustion pressure in diesel and natural gas powered engines, and other reciprocating equipment. Proper monitoring allows for extended maintenance intervals, improved fuel efficiency, and lower NOx emissions. Sensors feature piezoelectric sensing elements with very fast response times, and are best suited for continuous monitoring or periodic walk-around cylinder balancing. Additionally, Series 105 features a 4.2 mm diaphragm and M5 thread, easily mounted internal to the engine.


With no moving parts and solid-state construction, their durability is unsurpassed by any other type of pressure sensor. Frequency response may be tailored for use on low or high-speed engines. Series 105 pressure sensors have ranges to 3,600 psi (250 bar) and a max pressure of 4,000 psi (300 bar). Well suited for high temperatures up to +570 F (+300 C), the sensors are packaged in stainless steel housings, with rugged cables, integral charge amplifiers, and connectors. Intrinsically safe versions are also available for explosive gas atmospheres.


For detailed product specifications, drawings or additional information, please visit www.pcb.com





Bob Metz,

Pressure Product Manager

PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

3425 Walden Avenue

Depew, NY  14043-2495 USA

Tel.: 716-684-0002 ext. 2683, fax: 716-686-9129

E-mail: pressure@pcb.com

Series 105 pressure sensor

General /Sales Leads:


Andrea Mohn

Marketing Coordinator

PCB Piezotronics

3425 Walden Avenue, Depew

New York 14043-2495 USA

Tel.: (716) 684-0002 ext 2216, fax: (716) 684-0987

E-mail: mktg@pcb.com



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